More time ... possible?

More Time to Do What You Want

More time to do what you want. Doesn't that sound nice? I dream of reading more books, taking day trips with my kids, going out for homemade ice cream at a local farm and strolling among their animals. More dinners with friends, more writing time, more opportunities to volunteer. But when I look at my schedule and feel the pressure of my daily life, my dreams of more books and day trips and writing get pushed to the sidelines. How about you?
repentance and forgiveness

Repentance and Forgiveness in the Real World

The Christian world is big on repentance and forgiveness—and we should be! We've all had impure thoughts, displayed poor attitudes, not controlled our tongues, and made a plethora of other poor choices. Each of us desperately needs forgiveness. But how should we react if someone repents? What would you think if a known drunkard asked Jesus into his life? What if the town brawler walked into church saying he'd changed?
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10 Most Popular Posts

If you had to vote, what was your most favorite post from my blog over the last year? What topic stuck out the most to you, or made you think a little differently? How does your favorite compare to the ten most popular posts listed below? How Will You Remember Memorial Day 2016? I Need Your Help (And It's Easy!) ...
prayers appreciated

Family Emergency … Prayers Appreciated

Well, it's been a crazy week for me. Last week I found out a close relative was in the hospital. I prayed and waited for doctor's reports to see how things were progressing. After talking with other relatives, we made the decision to step in and help, taking turns providing what is needed until the emergency is over. So this week, I'm away from my desk. Your prayers for a full recovery for my loved one and wisdom in all future decisions are appreciated. See you next week!
What do you think?

What Do You Think? (I’ll Make It Worth Your Time)

Every so often I like to know what you think, find out where you are, and figure out how I can help. That means I need your help, but don't worry! I've made it very easy. Below you'll find a link to a survey. It's just seven questions, and three of them are questions like whether you prefer fiction or nonfiction and the country where you live. Easy, right? As a thank you for doing this for me, I'm offering a giveaway! I'll pick TWO people from all those who complete the survey to win their choice of ONE of the following prizes:
moving tips

It’s PCS (Moving) Season! My 6 Best Tips

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“We’ve got orders.”

Even though my husband hasn’t said that in many years, I can still hear those words coming out of his mouth. I still feel the pause, the brief moment of held breath, when friends say them to me.

0719 aOrders are funny. In their most basic form, they are just a simple piece of paper with writing on it, yet they control so much of our lives. Sometimes we can’t wait to receive them, and other times they appear unexpectedly, without warning. But within their immeasurable weight, they carry hope, concern, adventure, frustration, and even fear.

We’ve experienced orders that came through smoothly, orders for which we had to be approved for travel, and orders that didn’t include the children and me when they should have.… Read the rest

Loving not divisive

Loving Without Being Divisive

I've been a coward, although not in the traditional sense, I suppose. As most of you know, a lot of shooting have been happening around our country. Yet my blog and social media have been completely quiet about all of it. As most of you know, a lot of shootings have been happening around our country. Intentional firings of weapons, one person against another person, sometimes for cause and sometimes for vengeance. Yet my blog and social media have been completely quiet about all of it. Friends have spoken up, posting different quotes, opinions, and videos. Some of those have been helpful to me, but largely I've seen them as divisive. Do I support one side or the other? Black or blue? What if I love both? How can I effectively communicate that without both sides hearing I'm not specifically for them?
3 steps to freedom

3 Steps to Freedom (#3 is My Favorite)

[Don't miss this week's giveaway!] Freedom. On Monday, the United States celebrated its 240th birthday. Two hundred and forty years of standing on our own two feet, as it were. Of figuring out what that means. Of discerning where the balance lies between the freedom to do as you please and the responsibility that infers. Because all freedom confers responsibility. Oh, I know. Most of us like to talk about freedom, but we'd also prefer to stay away from the responsibility aspect of it. It's nice to talk about the freedom of speech or religion or security within our homes. It's hard to talk about the damage our words can cause. It's sometimes uncomfortable to practice peace with faiths very different from our own. And it's difficult to know when you should break through a door -- whether that door is physical, mental, or emotional -- to reach the person within. Preparing to face a giant First Samuel 17 tells of the time that a giant of a man stood before King Saul and his men. "This day I defy the armies of Israel," he said. "Give me a man and let us fight each other."
I wanted God to fix it.

Stuck? Follow Apollo 8 to a Renewed Mind

I knew I needed a renewed mind, to see things God's way. But I didn't want to. I was exhausted and lonely. I felt like I was being set apart — not for some grand purpose, but left behind; unchosen, like the kid no one wants to pick for their team.
High Cost of Anger

Anger and the Bible Hero who Lost Big

I slammed the cabinet door after forcefully plopping clean bowls into their rightful place. I stormed back to the dishwasher and yanked silverware from their basket before throwing them into their storage place in the kitchen drawer. No one in the house had to ask if I was angry.

I've gotten better at anger, but sometimes ...Over the years, I’ve gotten much better at controlling my anger. I’ve learned to step back from difficult moments, take a few intentional breaths, and focus on what’s important. Often I can release the situation to God, letting Him deal with both me and the other person.

But every once in a while …

Let’s face it, anger is common. From mild irritation to uncontrolled rage, all of us feel its pricks — including those we consider to be great heroes of the Bible.… Read the rest