God lost His mind. Right?

Serving a Crazy God

You are crazy! Those were my first words to God. Yes, God. The Creator and Sustainer of the universe. The Alpha and the Omega. The Source of life and morality and goodness. At that moment, I was telling the One …

What does God expect?

God’s Will or Hard Work?

James 4:13Several years ago, I noticed a trend of adding the phrase Lord willing to any statement of plan. “Lord willing, I’ll meet you for lunch tomorrow,” or “If the Lord wills, I’ll be at your baby shower next week.”

Now …

Cease striving and know

Rest in the Midst of Chaos

It’d been a crazy week. You know, one of those if-it-could-go-wrong-it-did kinda weeks. Car problems which left five people trying to go in two or more directions while sharing one car. It was pay week, which meant groceries were dwindling. School …

Psalm 48:14

You’re Not Alone

Like many kids, right after I graduated high school, I headed off to college. I spent two years in our local community college, honestly because I wasn’t sure what else to do. A business degree seemed wise, and truthfully, accounting …


The Undeniable Power of Scars

Who has a scar? Everyone above walking age, right? Who has a scar you are ashamed of? A dreaded reminder of some secret sin or moment of absolute stupidity that you protect in the darkest places of your life. I …

Who did I think I was?

Why Not You?

In January 2012, my publisher released my first book, Crossing Values. I sat, uncertain. Would anyone buy it? Once they bought it, would they read it? If they read it, would they recommend it to others? Or read my …

Why me?

Can We Talk? (Really)

I don’t command the attention of thousands. I’m just a very little fish in a very big pond who tries to share what I’ve learned without making any unnecessary waves. So what are the chances of me getting hacked? HUGE.

Kindle Fire

Win a Kindle Fire AND Four Books!

This is the biggest giveaway I’ve ever offered! But I wanted to make it more exciting, so I asked some friends to join me. Between us, we’re giving away a FREE Kindle Fire PLUS four books to get you started …