5 tips for a great season

5 Strategies for Beating Holiday Stress

Christmas is coming! It's less than three months away. Are you ready? How many of you just groaned? Come on, admit it. Many of you aren't ready for the holiday season. Perhaps you agree with some of the top reasons other people hate December: 1. You hate fighting the crowds and standing in line. 2. You know all the yummy treats that abound at Christmas, and you don't want to put on weight. 3. You just finished back to school shopping and you aren't prepared for all the gift giving. 4. The holidays are typically a busy time and you just want a little time to rest and be still. 5. Christmas brings lots of family time, and you don't have the best relationship with one or more family members. Well, stop groaning. With a little preparation and a few practical tips, you can make the upcoming holiday season better than ever. Yes, I know it's September (almost October). Come on, start now! You'll be glad you did.
I double dog dare you

I Double Dog Dare You

I was never much for dares as a child. I’m not highly competitive, only marginally care what most people think, and have a healthy respect for both pain and common sense. So if someone dared me to do something crazy — yeah, not happening.

Raising the stakesWhen is the last time someone double dog dared you to do something?

For those who don’t know, double dog daring someone is raising the stakes. Let’s say someone dared me to do something, and I refused. They could then double dog dare me, which meant that if I would complete the dare, they would as well.

That didn’t work on me either.

In the 1700s, knights challenged another to combat by removing his metal glove, or gauntlet, and throwing it at the feet of his chosen opponent.… Read the rest

Healing after Trauma

Truth in a Troubled World

Crossing, Oregon, population 725. The town square consists of a diner, ice cream shop, newspaper, General Store and Micah’s Hardware. The people are friendly, drive older cars, and live life slowly. And it exists only in my head. Growing up I loved Cinderella. She was sweet, cheerful, and caring. Prince Charming was so captivated in one evening with her that he turned a city on its head looking for her. When evil entered the story, it was subdued and the champions of good lived happily ever after. This mindset colors my world. It’s not that I’ve lived a charmed life. Like Cinderella, I’ve experienced pain, loss, and hardship.
Impossible Things

Accomplishing the Impossible

Can you imagine accomplishing incredible things? Tackling the impossible, and succeeding? The Lord is with you, mighty warrior. Yeah, I'm talking to you. I want you to stop for a moment and consider how deeply you believe in incredible things? Not just me doing them, but you. This question is so important that it was one of the themes in my second fiction book, Ryan's Crossing. Can you imagine yourself accomplishing incredible things?
I'm an atheist.

God, Even When Trouble Comes

What would you think if I declared, "I'm an atheist." Don't worry. I've not lost my faith. According to dictionary.com, an atheist is "a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings." A supreme being, not the supreme being. In other words: I deny the existence of Zeus. That would make me an atheist to Zeus-worshippers. I disbelieve that Sun Myung Moon was the second coming of Christ. That would make me an atheist to the Unification Church. I suppose, in some sense, everyone is an atheist to someone. But I also think that some of us who claim to believe in the one, true God, really believe in a false god.
More time ... possible?

More Time to Do What You Want

More time to do what you want. Doesn't that sound nice? I dream of reading more books, taking day trips with my kids, going out for homemade ice cream at a local farm and strolling among their animals. More dinners with friends, more writing time, more opportunities to volunteer. But when I look at my schedule and feel the pressure of my daily life, my dreams of more books and day trips and writing get pushed to the sidelines. How about you?
repentance and forgiveness

Repentance and Forgiveness in the Real World

The Christian world is big on repentance and forgiveness—and we should be! We've all had impure thoughts, displayed poor attitudes, not controlled our tongues, and made a plethora of other poor choices. Each of us desperately needs forgiveness. But how should we react if someone repents? What would you think if a known drunkard asked Jesus into his life? What if the town brawler walked into church saying he'd changed?
Most Popular Posts

10 Most Popular Posts

If you had to vote, what was your most favorite post from my blog over the last year? What topic stuck out the most to you, or made you think a little differently? How does your favorite compare to the ten most popular posts listed below? How Will You Remember Memorial Day 2016? I Need Your Help (And It's Easy!) ...
prayers appreciated

Family Emergency … Prayers Appreciated

Well, it's been a crazy week for me. Last week I found out a close relative was in the hospital. I prayed and waited for doctor's reports to see how things were progressing. After talking with other relatives, we made the decision to step in and help, taking turns providing what is needed until the emergency is over. So this week, I'm away from my desk. Your prayers for a full recovery for my loved one and wisdom in all future decisions are appreciated. See you next week!
What do you think?

What Do You Think? (I’ll Make It Worth Your Time)

Every so often I like to know what you think, find out where you are, and figure out how I can help. That means I need your help, but don't worry! I've made it very easy. Below you'll find a link to a survey. It's just seven questions, and three of them are questions like whether you prefer fiction or nonfiction and the country where you live. Easy, right? As a thank you for doing this for me, I'm offering a giveaway! I'll pick TWO people from all those who complete the survey to win their choice of ONE of the following prizes: