Favorite Authors

Christmas is coming. It’s the time of year to think of others and show them in gifts and acts of service that they are important. For the book lovers in your life, here are some of my favorite authors for you to check out:

Jocelyn Green

I first met Jocelyn in connection with her work on Faith Deployed. She is a sweet woman that I am blessed to talk with from time to time. Not only are her non-fiction devotionals encouraging, her historical fiction book is a great read! Check out her list of books here.

Jody Hedlund

As I began to get to know more authors over this past year, I was blessed to find Jody Hedlund. Her historical fiction books are incredible, and what I like best: they are based as much as possible on real people! Most readers will not be disappointed in any of her books! Check out her list here.

Some Old Favorites

When I tire of taking chances on new authors, I turn to one of my favorite standbys, authors who turn out good book after good book. Great fiction authors include Francine Rivers and Jerry Jenkins, while good non-fiction writers include Mark Driscoll.

Some New Favorites

If you are looking to try out someone new, this year I found some great authors I’m comfortable recommending you give a chance. Non-fiction writers Lindon & Sherry Gareis and Kelly Minter are definitely writers from whom I would buy more books. And I truly enjoyed fiction books by Diana Brandmeyer, Carol Cox, Karen Witemeyer, and Katie Ganshert.

What authors hit the top of your favorites list this year?

If you’d like to check out the books I read by the authors listed above, please feel free to check out my Book Reviews page or connect with me on GoodReads.com.