Run by the Calendar

Ever feel like you need more time? Okay, so most of us do. Thanks to Declutter Now!, I’ve been working hard for several months, concentrating on saying no to more things so I can spend my time on the things I know God’s called me to accomplish, but at times my calendar doesn’t seem any less full.

Now part of that is because I have three growing children. And even though I’ve limited them to one extra-curricular activity each, that’s still three additional schedules. And three additional sets of doctor appointments and dentist appointments and hair cuts and all the things that go with growing kids.

Perhaps right now I can also feel added stress because I’m preparing to launch one book while getting started on writing another. Each is a major undertaking, yet my readers don’t want to wait until Romancing Melody is firmly on book shelves before I begin the writing process on Crossing’s Redemption. I don’t really want to wait myself.

And on the personal side of things it’s that time of year when pets need shots updated and files must be organized for the tax man, and I must decide what I’m doing for my kids in the next school year so I can plan expenses on new curriculum.

Yet I can only accomplish a certain amount each day and I must acknowledge that I’m important enough for rest and adequate sleep. The piles calling my name will still be waiting on me tomorrow.

How do you keep your schedule and To Do list under control?