Romancing Melody: A Crossing Journey

Today I just wanted to give a quick update on book three of the Crossing Series, Romancing Melody: A Crossing Journey.

The book starts a couple years after Ryan’s Crossing ends. It starts with Melody, the unit secretary from Brittany’s oncology days with Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland. She married her prince, who happens to be Ryan’s best friend, shortly after Ryan and Brittany get married. Then Melody and her soldier-husband transfer to Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

The first problem is that Army life is not what Melody expected and she struggles to adapt to it and its constant call on her husband’s time. Shortly before he deploys to a dangerous part of the world, Melody gives birth to their first child, and just as she is settling into her new routine, tragedy strikes.

Now don’t worry! The story send Melody to Crossing where she gets to interact with one of Crossing’s favorite characters and enjoy a good meal with Faye. And, the book will soon be available for pre-order!

It is through the editing process and now going through cover design. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for a preview of the cover and stay posted here for a sneak peak at the first two chapters!

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