Greed Rears Its Ugly Head

I am way older than two. I say that because I want to be clear that I learned my first lessons in sharing many, many years ago. And if you asked me if I think I’m generous, I would probably say yes.

But recently God showed me how greed still has a place in my heart.

I was playing a game on my phone. Yes, you read that right. It’s one of those farming games where I mindlessly reap crops, make jams and juices, and sell items at my roadside stand. As part of the game, you also fill boat orders, asking for help from other farmers if you don’t think you can supply all that the boat is requesting in the time limit given.

Occasionally I will check out these requests to see what people need, and many times I don’t have the items in stock to help. But sometimes I do. And sometimes I won’t help them because it’s an item that takes a lot of time to make.

And then it hit me.

I was refusing to give someone my last jar of blackberry jam. Fake blackberry jam. All because it would take me eight hours to make another one. Eight hours that I would be sleeping, or working around the house, or otherwise occupied and wouldn’t even notice that my farm machinery was busy making fresh jam.


So I had to change my thinking, and practice my renewed mind. If I have it in stock and don’t currently need it, I share. And in real life, I’m on the lookout for where this stingy thinking sneaks into real life and gains the ability to hurt someone.

Has God showed you something significant through something silly before?