Praying to My Daddy

If you listen to different people pray, you’ll hear lots of different names for God used, from Father God to Daddy. Some argue it’s merely a difference in comfort and relationship. Others argue it’s a difference in respect.

I think it’s both, as well as experience with earthly fathers, family and societal culture and many other aspects. Someone who grew up with a horrible person in the paternal role may have trouble remembering God is nothing like that person. Someone who grew up with a good man may think nothing of the title Abba Daddy.

But what a person calls God is only one aspect of what many people get stuck on when you look at the bigger picture of prayer. What do you pray for? How often should you pray? How often should you talk about something that concerns you? What if you feel like He’s not listening? These and many more questions plague people who know prayer should be a part of their Christian life.

So today I’d like to share a really good sermon on The Lord’s Prayer. First preached at Mars Hill Church in September 2010, Pastor Mark Driscoll answers many of the questions people, and maybe you, have on prayer.