Our Chief Enemy

An interesting conversation came up recently. A friend and her young daughter were reading the Bible together when the daughter simply asked, “What is the devil?” Great question!

When the friend asked for the best way to describe him to her four-year old, she got some not-so-great answers.

Most of us are smart enough to know that he is not the little guy in a red cape and horns portrayed in cartoons. However, that doesn’t mean that most have a good understanding of him. If the best defense is a good offense, shouldn’t we know our chief enemy?

First of all, Satan is an angel. A created being. That means he does not have the power to create and he lives within the limitations God gave angels.

While he is very intelligent and cunning, he is neither all-powerful nor all-knowing. He can trick us, lead us to believe lies, encourage us to do wrong (or not do right), but he cannot force us to do or believe anything.

Although Hell will one day be his permanent residence, he currently roams the earth looking for those he can fool, accuse, deceive, and discourage. He is out to destroy you, your marriage, your family, your witness. And his speech is full of lies.

How do you best defeat him?

Stand firm in truth. Refuse to listen to his lies. Dwell on and in God’s letter to you (the Bible). Take words that confuse or discourage to God and ask that truth will be revealed.

What other ways can you think of?

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