To Be Read Pile is Growing!

It was just a short time ago that my To Be Read pile was filled with books, but none that particularly called out to me. Oh sure, some once glistened and beckoned, and I knew that if I started them, they’d probably be fine. But none had that sparkle that demanded my attention.

And then . . .

. . . all of the sudden . . .

I’m in a very different place.

Not just one, but two friends have book releasing (in addition to my third novel, Romancing Melody) and they book look GREAT! And in the meantime, another friend loaned me a book I’ve been dying to read. And I’m already in the middle of a book that’s really good and I don’t want to put down.

How’s a girl supposed to WRITE when I have so many books clamoring for my attention?

What do you do when great books threaten to distract you from what is supposed to be your main goal for the day?

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