Jesus, the Child

Every two weeks a sweet lady comes to help me clean my house. And every two weeks her adorable toddler-daughter comes with her. I thoroughly enjoy having both of them come, and it takes me back to the times when my own children were that little, and the conversations we had about Jesus as they got older.

A lot of people like to talk about Jesus, the man. I suppose that’s natural since most of what we know focuses on 3 years of His life.¬†Perhaps the next most common conversations about Jesus center around His birth. But what about the other 30 years?

I remember discussions with my kids about Jesus growing up. How many times did He fall and scrape His knee? How many times did He think dinnertime would never arrive. How hard did he have to focus to learn to tie his own sandals? Just because He was sinless doesn’t mean He never fell, got hungry or had to focus on a new skill.

This always encouraged both me and my children. They could relate to a Savior who sometimes tripped on things. I could relate to a Savior who didn’t show up with instant, perfect abilities in everything He accomplished.

Jesus came as a baby, lived as a child, grew into a man. How cool is that?

Have you ever thought about something like Jesus stubbing a toe or scraping an elbow?

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