Steal My Show

I hate new music. Okay, that’s not entirely fair. I do like new favorite songs, but I’m so awful at auditory learning that I hate listening to radio and new CDs. The songs tend to be a jumbled mess to my ears for a long time until the words finally start to make sense to my brain.

Thankfully, God didn’t impede my children as badly. In fact, one of them is very auditory. So I tend to get introduced to new songs through their CD buying habits.

At Christmas, one of the CDs my daughter wanted was Toby Mac’s Eye On It. The CD has been playing in my car and through her iPod almost non-stop since she got it, and I’m just now finding I love most of the songs. One, however, has become my song for every book I send out.

I always want God to show up and touch people through my books, and even though that’s my prayer, it never ceases to amaze me when someone comes up to tell me what God spoke to them. It’s humbling and exciting at the same time. But the desire for God to show up, to help me step aside so He can take over, is expressed very well in this song. And I love the end where he invites all of us to live this way in every area of our lives! Take a listen … (And don’t worry if you’re visual like me! The lyrics are included!)

TobyMac – Steal My Show (Official Lyric Video) from tobymac on GodTube.

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