And the Winners Are…

Wow! I asked for contest ideas — ideas that would encourage you, my readers, to get involved and excited about my books — and did you come through! I received several great ideas, many of which I plan to use in different ways throughout the rest of this year. But, I could only choose two ideas.

You made it tough, but after much debate, I narrowed it down to the two ideas I most liked: asking questions about the books and the character in Crossing you would most like to spend some time with.

the Crossing Series
the Crossing Series

Now, two different ladies made the same suggestion about asking questions — so, just to be fair, three ladies are going to win their choice of two books each from the Crossing series. And the winners are:

Michelle Prince Morgan

Rosemary Foley

Diana Montgomery


Winners, by now you should have each received an email from me asking which two of the Crossing books you would like. If you have not, please use the contact form on the website to get a message to me.

The rest of my fantastic readers: stay tuned! Those contest ideas will soon be put to work. I have a couple more copies of Romancing Melody to give away AND the fourth book of the Crossing series, Crossing’s Redemption, will be coming out this fall! Be one of the first to have a copy!!

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