Favorite Preachers

A friend and I were talking recently about our favorite preachers. The conversation started because she mentioned that she didn’t want to get stuck on only listening to one person’s viewpoint of God and the Bible.

We came to the conclusions that listening to multiple people did at least two important things:

1. It helped to guard our hearts and minds from latching onto traditions, concepts or beliefs that aren’t entirely based in Scripture; and,

2. It gives us different viewpoints in difficult passages of the Bible to pray over and think about.

As we talked, the two of us came up with a great list of modern men. While I can’t say that I completely agree with everything all of them say, I do have a lot of respect for these men and agree with the vast majority of what they preach/teach. If you are looking for someone new to add to your list of preachers/teachers to listen to or read, you might want to consider one of these: (Note: They are listed in alphabetical order, not in order of preference.)

Mark Driscoll

Hank Hanegraaff

David Jeremiah

John MacArthur

John Piper

RC Sproul

I know God has many more men out there with hearts for Him. Who do you like to hear or read?

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