Fresh Inspiration

About the best I can come up with after spending three-and-a-half days at the American Association of Christian Counselors World Conference… is silence.

It was an amazing time with one of my dearest friends, getting a rare chance to have dinner with some online friends I love, reconnect with friends I do not get enough time with, and meet new friends. Add in the incredible speakers they had lined up and God showing up and making Himself known… and I’m back to silence. Awe. An undeniable sense that I am loved by a great big God.

Here are some of the tidbits I walked away with:

There is this Father, and He has His eye on you all the time. You are never out if His care. –John Ortberg

There is nothing wrong with asking why. Even Jesus on the cross asked why. Just don’t think God owes you an answer. –David Jeremiah

What we need is not a physical wall around this country, but a spiritual prayer wall. –Congressman Randy Forbes

Sin is not just breaking God’s laws. It is breaking God’s heart. –Mark Driscoll

Despair happens when we believe our pain has no purpose, no solution, and no end. –Max Lucado

Men not getting respect when they haven’t ‘earned’ it is like a woman only getting love when she’s lovable. –Shaunti Feldman

God hasn’t called you to make a good impression. He’s called you to make an impact. –Rick Rigsby

We must move to be countercultural and not relevant…. We have something beautiful to offer! –Gabe Lyons

It only matters what God does through us, not what we do for Him. –Harold Koenig

As parents we can only control our actions and reactions, not the ultimate outcomes of our children. –Emerson Eggerichs

Transformation is the process that leads us to die to sin, self, and society. –George Barna

Courage begets courage… Cowardice begets cowardice. –Eric Metaxas


Any of those tidbits speak to you?

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