Sinking? Maybe that’s the Point.

Many years ago, a bold disciple dared to step out of the boat. But, what if we’ve all missed the point? What does Peter’s sinking teach us about our faith?

Worth Living REVIEW

A popular message today says, “You are enough.” I struggle with that. Luckily, Mary Demuth’s book Worth Living addresses such an issue.

Make Room for the Best in 2018

Hopes and dreams for 2017 have faded. Make room for 2018! What can you do to make this the best year of your life? Author Jocelyn Green helps us find out.

Commercialized Christmas

It’s less than a week away, and I have to ask. Where’s your focus? Are you enjoying celebrating Jesus or are you worrying about a commercialized Christmas?

Writing For Some – Not for All (A Small Fix)

When God brought writing into my life, I purposed to write books for women like me. That meant my stories were for some, not for all. But I heard you.

More Jesus in Christmas

How do you keep Jesus in Christmas? Author Sherry Gareis asks some questions and makes a few suggestions to make this your most memorable Christmas ever.

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