My Best Reads So Far This Year

I know most of you are readers and like to hear about great new books or authors. Every couple of months, I try to help you out by reviewing one of the great books I’ve read, but I read far more than that.

So today, let me share with you the best books I’ve read so far this year—all the other ones (you know, besides those books I’ve done full reviews on) that I felt earned a 5-star rating, listed in no particular order.

Fierce Faith BOOK REVIEW

Although it wasn’t my first choice to read, I found Fierce Faith an excellent read and recommend it! Read my full Fierce Faith Review!

Home Front Heroines: More Than Meets the Eye NOW AVAILABLE

The first book in my Home Front Heroines series, More Than Meets the Eye, is available now!

Locked Doors and Hidden Places

A lot of people don’t know what Rev. 3:20 is actually addressing: the locked doors and hidden places in your heart. Will you answer when Jesus knocks?

The Purpose of Pain and Suffering

What do you do when life gets hard? What’s the purpose of suffering? Maybe we need to ask: What does God really want from us when these times hit?

Newton, Motion, and God

Remember Sir Isaac Newton and his First Law of Motion? I now see how it affects my faith. Let me explain how Newton, motion, and God all relate.

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