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Help please

A Favor … and a Gift

I have a good problem: a lot of readers! Thank you! I appreciate each and every one who takes the time to read what I write, as well as the many reviews, comments, social media shares, and emails that you …

Open door. Walk through?

Should You Always Walk Through the Open Door?

How much do you agree with this statement: God opened the door, so I should walk through.

Should you always walk through?To the hesitant among you: Yes, that is a trick question. It’s another one of those sentiments that is common in our culture …

It's popular, but is it right?

Really? Thanks for everything?

There’s a new trend I’m hearing all over the place. Well, it’s not new exactly, but it’s definitely becoming more popular–and it drives me crazy. What is it? Simply this: people saying, “Thanks for everything you do.”

Now on …

Made to Last cover

Book Review: Made to Last

Three men, secrets trying to come to light, and difficult family relationships. With so much that could go wrong in this storyline and the promise of lots of fun, I couldn’t resist picking up Made to Last by Melissa Tagg

What holds you back?

Letting Go

Several years ago, I spent several months facing some of my biggest fears. From jumping out of an airplane to killing a spider, one-by-one I checked each one off my list. And now, I’m preparing to face another.

What holds you back?Perhaps you …

Tea & a book!

Novel Tea & a Free Book

The weather is cooling down and the drinks are warming up. Blue jeans and cute boots are getting pulled from closets. Autumn is upon us, and what better way to celebrate the changing of seasons than a quick giveaway! Interested? …

I need your help. It's easy

I Need Your Help

I need your help. It will only take two or three minutes of your time, but it could affect the family tree of another woman just like you for generations. Imagine: one simple action on your part affecting generations. That’s …

How's your attitude?

Is Your Attitude Showing?

As I prepare to attend the American Association of Christian Counselor’s World Conference this week, my friend and author Joanie Bruce agreed to stop by and spend some time with you. I’m so grateful! Thanks, Joanie!

Dear readers: Does your …