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Winning More Arguments

Winning More Arguments [Freebie]

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When it comes to personalities, I’m not a die-hard, must-win-at-all-costs kind of person. I have moments when I must win, of …

Answering the Critics

Answering Your Critics (Even if it’s You!)

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“Will you start this ministry?” Time froze for me in that moment. While the senior pastor had said will, I focused on could. Could I really …

Got enough focus?

[DOWNLOAD] Focusing on Your Assignment

Laser focus. While having a solid focus could help you accomplish your goals this year, could laser focus be something God’s asking of you?

Many of you are familiar with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus from the Bible. They were friends of Jesus, and, as …

Best of 2015

The Best of 2015

What a year! In 2015, I graduated a daughter, published four new books for military spouses, and completed yet another out-of-state move. What was the best of the best? From my blog to social media, here they are.

#1 Page

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

[FREEBIE] Accomplishing What You (Really) Want

The last couple weeks of each year, I take a break from my author life to focus on Christmas, look back at the past year, and refocus my attention on the new year. I have some things I want to …

Merry Christmas!

No long email to fill up your day. Just a sincere wish and prayer that your Christmas is truly blessed.  ~CarrieMerry Christmas

God called Mary and reassured Joseph.

THAT’S God’s Plan for Me?

Merry Christmas! I am taking a break the next two weeks to enjoy my family and the holiday season. In lieu of a new post, I invite you to read this one from last year. It’s one of my most

2015 1208 feat

A Present to Yourself

I had blown it again. The very thing I didn’t want to do, I had just done. I’d promised myself I wasn’t going to sink into the self-deprecating thinking, the kind that sent me spiraling down into the abyss where …

Personal Finance

[Giveaway] A Book Launch and an Incredible Prize Package

Things are hopping around my writing zone, although you probably haven’t noticed. Trust me, though, I’m working hard to bring you great value—more books, freebies, and giveaways. Speaking of giveaways, you may want to keep reading; I’m so excited about …