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God’s Plan for Me

Many of us look for God’s plan for our lives. We seek doors that open easily and peace-filled hearts as we take steps forward. But is that what it always looks like?

I’m not saying those are bad things. I, …

Is This All There Is?

Everyone is busy. I get it. I know. Me too. But is this really all there is?

Do you work toward more than subway relationships?Workers arrive home from work, try to catch up with family over dinner and then chores and homework take over the evening. Or …

Following God’s Lead

Ever get one of those messages from God where you are left scratching your head? Or how about the ones that leave you thinking, “Are you kidding me? I can’t do that!” I know I’m not alone here!

Balancing work and lifeRecently, …

Book Review: The Christmas Shoppe

Whimsical is not quite the right word for Melody Carlson’s book The Christmas Shoppe. Perhaps some of you will understand it this way: Nanny McPhee opens a shop in a small town.

The real treasures of this world cannot be

What to Do at Christmastime

Last year at this time, I encouraged you to declutter your calendar and extra decorations and enjoy Christmas. And if you need a little help, you can go back to read it here. Now, I’m wondering if maybe you …

Nothing to be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is over and you breathe a sigh of relief. One holiday down, one to go. This season brings out the worst in you: anger, depression, loneliness, bitterness.  Your mind fills with the thoughts of what could have been, what …