I love when I find a great book. It’s even better when the authors find a way to make the book even better! That’s exactly what Lindon and Sherry Gareis did with their book Declutter Now! (You can read my review of it by clicking here.)

We understand and appreciate the value of thought-provoking questions and the beneficial discussions they promote. We’ve been eager to provide a tool to utilize for digging deeper into the message we’re so very passionate about.

Book Description from Amazon

UnknownDo you desire more TIME, SPACE, MONEY, FREEDOM, JOY, ENERGY & PEACE? The Declutter Now! 8 week study is a comprehensive, practical, step by step guide, designed to coach and motivate you to TAKE ACTION and declutter your: Physical space, Relationships, Finances, Career, Mental health, Children, Spiritual life, Body & Physical Health. Declutter Now! will help you not only recognize the clutter in your life, but help you get rid of it forever!


What can you expect? Release from the bondage of clutter, live the abundant life God desires for you, thought and conversation provoking questions, inspirational and relevant scripture, a guide to ACTION with helpful resources and practical application. For leaders – complete meeting format guide which includes useful tools, tips, and creative ideas to make your group a success. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Declutter Now! book. DON T DELAY – START TODAY!

What I Thought

Earlier this year, the Gareis’s released an 8-Week Study Guide as a companion to their book. It’s designed to be used with a small group, although I worked through it by myself without any trouble.

The book is the foundation for the study, and the study by itself will not be nearly as effective without the book. But after reading through it, I highly recommend gathering a few of your friends and going through it together. The study is laid out in a very group-friendly way, and it includes many questions to get some great discussions started. I was impressed at the variety of questions they listed for each chapter, making it easier to keep conversation flowing in different mixes of people.

In addition to the discussion questions, each chapter also has a memory verse related to the material and an action plan to help motivate you to make good choices and act on them. And like the book, I never felt any condemnation; I felt lots of encouragement to get moving in the right direction.

The only potential downside is that the discussion question section does not leave you a lot of room to write. I don’t tend to write much in my study books, so this wasn’t a problem for me. But if you like to journal out answers, you will want to consider having a separate notebook nearby.

The Bottom Line – 5 stars

This is the perfect companion to the original book, adding in tremendous value so friends can work through the concepts of decluttering their lives together. I highly recommend small groups take a look at this study.

About the Authors

sherry-and-lindonLindon & Sherry Gareis, founders of Action Plan Ministries, are Christian Life Coaches from sunny Arizona who have a passion for helping people declutter their lives. Utilizing their combined personal and professional experience, they equip, encourage and inspire others through purposeful advice and practical application. The Gareises, AKA Grammy & Grampy, enjoy writing, boating, hiking or smoking a mean rack of ribs with family and friends. They love spending time together and are committed to a lifelong honeymoon . . .

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