It’s not often I truly have trouble putting a book down. Yes, I find many books I enjoy, many books I look forward to picking up again. But a book so good I make a deal with my children that I’ll cook them lunch if they can find their own breakfast–just so I can finish a book? Yeah, I did that with A Memory Worth Dying For.

And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten.
Joel 2:25

Book Description from Amazon

517YgqoVrHL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_“Do Not Return To Texas!”

Marti Rushing gets the message, loud and clear. If she returns to Texas, her life is in danger. If she stays in Tennessee, she’s safe. But when she receives a letter telling her that Daniel, her ex-husband and the love of her life, is dying, she knows she has to defy the stalker and return to Texas to see him.

Three years ago, Daniel accused her of things she couldn’t remember doing. Without waiting for an explanation and after four wonderful years of marriage, Daniel kicks her off of his family’s Quarter Horse ranch. Now, three years after their separation, he walks into her art reception in Tennessee and acts like he doesn’t remember her. Does the memory loss have anything to do with the letter she received, or is Daniel pretending? Is he the one stalking her, or is it someone with a deadly, sinister motive?

Ignoring the deadly warnings, she leaves for Texas, but on the way there, the attempts on her life begin. Will she be able to evade her pursuer s attacks? Or will Daniel’s face be the last one she sees?

What I Thought

Anyone that knows me well knows I’m horrible at names! Truly horrible. And this book has a lot of characters to keep up with. Mrs. Bruce did a great job at introducing them slowly, yet I still had to write myself a quick cheat sheet on a few of them to help me keep them straight. That is the only thing that slowed me down with this book, though.

The story is full of action and suspense as Marti presses ahead to do what she believes is the right thing. The author dropped enough hints that I thought I knew some of the answers to my questions, but kept enough back that I wasn’t positive. And she did a great job at concealing the main bad guys and the reasons for their choices until later in the book.

The storyline flowed well, with each new complication being reasonable and believable. The cast of characters were varied, from pompous to delightful, and I loved the insight into the world of horses and artists. But perhaps the thing my heart most desired was the emotional healing the main characters so desperately needed and received by the end of the book.

The Bottom Line – 5 stars

If you liked Joanie Bruce’s first novel (Alana Candler, Marked for Murder) or like a good suspense story, I highly recommend A Memory Worth Dying For. While it does take place after Mrs. Bruce’s first book and Alana does make appearances in the second book, neither book is dependent on the other and you can easily read them out of sequence.

About the Author

After writing simple picture books for children and mysteries for teens, Joanie found that her passion for writing exploded when she started working in suspense fiction. As an avid reader, she welcomed the transition from reading to writing and considered it a wonderful new experience to please others with her words instead of visual means.

As an artist, Joanie’s primary goal is to achieve a strong likeness of her subject, while portraying it in the most complementary setting. Her greatest joy is realized in providing her customers with a cherished reminder of someone or something very dear to them – a work that will stand the test of time.

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