2017 Prayer Journal

2017 Prayer Journal

Record your prayers--with the answers right beside them!

136 looseleaf pages, hole punched for a mini binder. Binder NOT included. For July through December 2017, each month Includes: A monthly devotion about prayer, a place for prayers, and a place for answers right beside them, pages for longer-term prayers for family, friends, your church, and your country, and a sample prayer straight from the Bible to help you pray Scripture.
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About the Book

Can I tell you something? I hate journaling. Yes, I know. I’m a writer. I love writing. But, I have always hated the discipline of journaling.

What frustrates me the most, though, is that I know the wonderful benefits of taking the time to log my thoughts. And I love going back to read my notes about times when God’s spoken to me. It’s a blessing and an incredible reminder of His faithfulness.

When I’ve thought about journaling my prayers, I’ve always wanted a place to record God’s answers along with the prayers. But that’s been tough to find! One day, while discussing this with my daughter, God gave me a picture, a glimpse of the pages you now hold.

As you turn the page, you’ll find several options in your journal for July through December 2017:

  • A monthly devotion to encourage you to think about prayer, perhaps challenging your beliefs and encouraging you to think differently.
  • The left-hand journal page includes a verse about prayer and lines to record your prayers.
  • The right-hand journal page includes a quote about prayer and lines to record the answers you received to the prayers on the left page.
  • The back pages of each month are space for longer-term prayers, those requests you’ve been thinking about for months or years. You’ll find pages dedicated to your family, your friends, your church, your country, and yourself.
  • Finally, the last page of each month includes a prayer straight from the Bible. If you’re not sure what to pray or if you want to practice praying Scripture, these pages are for you. Additionally, we’ve included a bit of a fancy font, not just to make them look nice but to give those of you who like to color a place to do that. We’ve included lots of space around the verses too, so feel free to doodle and add your own artwork!


It’s my prayer that you will join me in my efforts to journal more prayers, to record God’s answers, and to exponentially increase our faith in the One who loves us more deeply than we can understand or imagine.

136 looseleaf pages, hole punched for a mini binder. Binder NOT included.

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Series: Prayer Journal, Book 1
Genre: Christian Living
Publisher: Immeasurable Works
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 135
List Price: 10.00
THIS is the prayer journal for which I've been searching! This unique journal is formatted with corresponding pages to write and reflect upon the answers to each prayer. Such a powerful tool! Two additional features that I love are the flexibility of a monthly format (which allows me to determine the space used for each date) and the designated pages at the end of each month to categorize specific prayers for my family, friends, church, country and myself.
– Rebecca J., Raeford, NC
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