Creative Writing for Teens

Creative Writing for Teens

Teen writer? Let me help!

So, you have a reluctant writer. Or you don’t know the first thing about creative writing. Or you don’t see the importance of fiction but have a child who loves it. That’s okay! That’s why God put us together—so I could take the pressure off you in this area and provide guidance that gets many kids interested in writing. No, not all, as my two highly reluctant writers will tell you. But why not give this a try and see what develops? You might be surprised.
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About the Book

My goal: To get teens excited about writing.

Who the class is for: 7th through 12th Graders.
Some 6th graders who love to write may also do well.

You will receive via email:

  1. A parent welcome letter, giving you more details about the course and ideas of other kinds of writing if this class doesn’t work well for your student
  2. 6 Weekly Lessons that can be extended with the additional recommended resources included in each lesson

What we will cover: Why write fiction?, Character Development, Scene Development, Dialogue, General Guidelines, Getting Published

Your student will need:

  1. Spiral notebook or pad of paper. Loose paper will work, but a notebook to keep it all together would be wise.
  2. Pen or pencil—whatever they like to write with.
  3. If desired, your student can work on a word processor like Microsoft Word instead of using pen and paper.

Additionally, I recommend:

  1. A fun colored pen different than what they normally use for writing (for editing).
  2. Trips to the library or bookstores.
Publisher: Immeasurable Works
Publication Year: 2017
Format: digital
Length: 77 pages
List Price: 25.00
My daughter was blessed to attend a writing enrichment class taught by Carrie. Carrie encouraged my daughter to create a story and develop the characters. She also taught her useful grammatical tips and how to incorporate them into writings of fiction. It is sometimes difficult for students to get their thoughts and ideas onto paper, but under Carrie's tutelage, my daughter's writing skills improved.
– Rhonda Abernathy, North Carolina
If you want your child to be inspired to write and to learn how to do it correctly take a class with published author Carrie Daws. After one class my reluctant writer actually wanted to write! Carrie was gentle in her corrections to the class teaching the rules of writing but didn't overwhelm them with information which allowed for creativity to flow. The girls came out of each class smiling and ready for more. After the last class my daughter said, "When can we do this again!?"
– Cheryl Allin, FishNet Homeschool Group, North Carolina
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