Ryan’s Crossing

Ryan’s Crossing
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Series: Crossing, Book 2
Genre: Inspirational Fiction
Publisher: Immeasurable Works
Publication Year: 2012
Length: 176
ISBN: 9781620201022
After ten years, Ryan’s parents found his sister. As he meets her, he must decide where she will fit into his life and what his future will look like. Seeing the town where his sister lives only brings more questions. Portland may be the better choice for him, but small town life appeals to him. Is it the friendly people or the sister of the groom?
About the Book

After ten years, Ryan’s parents found his runaway sister, Amber. Now, as he drives to meet up with her and his parents before her wedding, his mind fills with the changes coming. Besides figuring out where she will fit into his life, a job change is on the horizon for him. But should he stick with small town life? Or should he move to Portland, Oregon?

Meeting the family his sister is marrying into only brings more questions. Maybe moving to nearby Portland is the better choice.  But something about the town of Crossing calls to him. Is it the friendly people who openly accept him as Amber’s brother or the cute brunette who happens to be sister of the groom?

As Ryan weighs the pros and cons, He decides to put God to the test. Will He answer? Will He let him know which choices to make? And what if Ryan doesn’t like the answer?

I received Ryan's Crossing in the mail yesterday, and decided to start reading. Within a few minutes I was hooked. This was the first book I read by Carrie Daws but it will not be the last. I found myself asking some hard questions and comparing my spiritually life to Ryan's. While I have been a christian for many years, I too find myself running away from relationships. This book left me longing for friendships and a sense of community. While I have many acquaintance, the tendency to hold them at arms length has prevented me from experiencing true friendships. The author had a way with words that just draws you in. I love the way the angel Matthew was used and the conversations with God. There is no way this could have been written without having first hand knowledge on the way a relationship with Christ is truly lived. Throughout out the book I found myself seeking God's guidance. Ryan's Crossing is truly an amazing book that speaks to your soul.
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