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What was the best of the best?

The Best of 2016

What a year! In 2016, I graduated a son (my toughest student), published two new books for military spouses, and one new fiction novelette. What was the best of the best? What did you, my readers, like most? It was a mesh of military tips (like surviving a military move), friendship advice (avoiding the wrong friends), and finding what the Bible says about how involved we are supposed to be in each others lives. But to read the best of the best, or remind yourself of what you read earlier this year, this is the place to start.
Where in the Christmas is Jesus?

Is it Christmas with Jesus OR Jesus with Christmas?

Today, author Sherry Gareis has stopped by to get our Christmas season started the right way. She asks some great questions we all need to consider. [And don't miss my newest giveaway!] Where in the CHRISTMAS is Jesus? Valid question, right? I mean CHRIST should be in CHRISTmas, shouldn’t He? THE NORM How do we usually show Jesus? Anyone own a ‘Jesus is the Reason for the Season’ pin? I have several and make no bones about wearing them during December. We display Jesus on our Christmas trees, right? I’ve got verses and nativity scenes on my tree. And how about on our Christmas cards? Isn’t that an easy way to share Jesus? Am I suggesting that pins, angels, and cards are bad? Of course not. Not at all! But are they enough? Could you be missing blessings?
Where in the Christmas is Jesus?

Where in the Christmas is Jesus?

It's the season for ... fighting. Seriously. I'm not talking about siblings arguing over who has more presents under the tree or navigating the pressure of how to fit in family visits throughout the holiday season. I'm talking about Christians making a HUGE deal about Jesus.
How's your attitude?

Is Your Attitude Showing?

As I prepare to attend the American Association of Christian Counselor’s World Conference this week, my friend and author Joanie Bruce agreed to stop by and spend some time with you. I’m so grateful! Thanks, Joanie!

Dear readers: Does your To Do pile keep growing and your Done pile stay the same … like mine?

How's your attitude?As hard as I try to catch up with my work, it never gets done. I wash dishes, clean the sink, wipe down all the counter tops, and the next thing I know, there are more dishes in the sink to wash. I put a load of clothes in the washing machine, dry them, fold them, and put them away, but when I go back into the utility room the next day, the hampers are full again.… Want to read more?

Unsightly weeds

Removing the Weeds from Your Heart

What should you do when you’ve been deeply hurt by another person? What if the hurt was intentional? What if they don’t see the problem, or they don’t care about your pain?

Today I’m honored to welcome Sherry Gareis, author, life coach, and one-half of the awesome team at Action Plan Ministries. She’s going to share with us what she learned through one very difficult period of her life. Sherry …


Unsightly weedsUnsightly.




These are some of the first words that come to mind when thinking about the ugly, unwanted weeds that can overtake our beautifully manicured lawns and garden beds. But did you know that weeds can create a stronghold on the joy of your heart as well?

They can. And they do.… Want to read more?

Want to be an Author? Here’s how …

Once people find out I'm a published author, I typically get one of two responses: 1) I've always wanted to do that, or 2) How do you do that? Today author Joanie Bruce offers good advice for those of you who want to know how to get started in publishing.

Seize the Day? But I’m Exhausted!

Today I'm excited to welcome author Jocelyn Green back to my blog with her wonderful perspective on how to seize the day when life is exhausting.

A Better Christmas in Six Steps

The holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving approaches in just under two weeks. Christmas candy, decorations, and shopping sales are already lining store aisles. But your season does not have to be a rushed, crammed-full, overloaded affair -- and it's easier than you may think!

To Military Families, from a Civilian

I am now in the position that everything my coauthor, Kathy Barnett, and I could have poured into our book to military spouses is done. The file is at the printers, waiting its turn in line to become a printed paperback. And now I wait for this book I spent so many hours praying over, so many hours writing and editing, so many hours wrestling with my coworker and editor on how to best convey truth to military spouses.

Hospitality is Not a Performance

I love the Faith Deployed community–a network of military spouses who join together to love and support each other. And I love Jocelyn Green who started it all, lovingly offering her time and writing talent to encourage where she can.

Today, Jocelyn joins us here to tell us the story of her first Thanksgiving. Okay, not her first Thanksgiving, but the first Thanksgiving she tried to put her best foot forward and create the perfect meal. Can anyone besides me relate to this?

Jocelyn Green


Green-3-thumbnailIt had started out simple enough. My friend Mindelynn and I decided to host the holiday feast from my apartment near Washington, D.C. for my brother Jason, and my boyfriend Rob. Then we added four more guests, and decided to really let our domestic talents shine.… Want to read more?