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Whenever guests pop over to say hi, you can find them here!

Right Seed, Right Fruit

As many of you know, later this year I will be releasing a nonfiction book titled The Warrior's Bride: Biblical Strategies for Helping the Military Spouse Thrive. I was blessed to be able to co-author this work with Kathy Barnett. You may remember the blog post from about a month ago where I told the story of how it all began. (If not, you can read it here.)

Underestimating God

What is your opinion of God? Think about it for a moment: how big is the God you serve? Pastor and author Francis Chan thinks we all have problems recognizing Him for who He truly is. As you watch this short video, consider if you are limiting God.

Walking Away

Ever had one of those friendships that you both love and hate? You know, you love the person dearly, but the relationship is tough. Perhaps the friendship is one-sided with you providing most of the effort, or perhaps the person is drama-filled and is constantly dragging their mess into your life. What do you do with these kind of people? Do you speak up and say something?

These are tough situations that absolutely require a lot of prayerful consideration. And author, Life Coach, and friend Sherry Gareis is here today to help us figure out what to do with those joy-draining, tension-causing, every-silver-lining-has-a-cloud kind of friends in your life. Sherry…

MY personal experience has shown that by far and large, people don’t want solutions.4710655067_005589f06a_b

They say they do.Want to read more?

Sidetracked! with Joanie Bruce

How big of a problem are distractions for you? Are interruptions a normal part of your day, and if so, how do you deal with staying on task? Or at least completely a task? Today author Joanie Bruce offers some thoughts getting sidetracked. Joanie ...

What about Life?

Many people expound that you give your heart to Jesus and then go to Heaven. But, what about life? I gave my heart to Jesus when I was nine. I'm now many years older than that -- do those years matter? And if so, how?

Soul Talk with Jocelyn Green

Many of you know my love for our military, and military spouses hold a special place in my heart. So it a great honor to share my blog today with Jocelyn Green, wife to a former Coast Guard officer and author of several books focused on encouraging military families. The following devotion, written by Jocelyn, is an excerpt from Faith Deployed . . . Again: More Daily Encouragement for Military Wives.