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While much of what a military wife faces is universal to all wives, some aspects of her life is very different. This is where military spouses can find encouragement. You will also find all posts related to my book The Warrior’s Bride here.

Freedom to Believe in Your Marriage

The current divorce rate is roughly ____. How many of you quickly filled in the blank with 50%? Would it surprise you to know that statistic is WRONG. As in W-A-Y wrong. What if I had some good news about marriage — like roughly 80% of you are HAPPY in your marriage, or your chance if divorce is closer to 20%? Seriously!

Imagine the difference to our collective consciousness if we say “Most marriages last a lifetime” rather than “Half of marriages end in divorce.”

My Marriage REALLY has a chance? Divorce doesn’t have to be in my future?

The Good News About Marriage from coverYes! Your marriage has a GREAT chance!

I know some of you are looking at the ridiculous level of stress your marriage is currently under and wondering if this could possibly be true.… Want to read more?

FREE Spouse Pre-Deployment Checklist

The deployment date is decided and the checklists begin. Your service member is given forms and training and packing lists, and everything must be signed off before he boards the plane. But what about you? Do you know what you should accomplish before take-off?

When It Doesn’t Seem Like God’s in Control

What do you do when you don't have any idea what is going on? Several years ago, I was in the midst of a terrifying situation, one where I felt I had absolutely no control. As author Jocelyn Green recorded the event, "One moment Carrie Daws was walking to the kitchen, and the next, she was on the floor, vaguely aware that her shoulder hurt and that she was having a mini-seizure."

Chance to WIN a FREE Book!

Do you love to read? Would you like to win a FREE copy of my newest book, The Warrior's Bride: Biblical Strategies to Help the Military Spouse Thrive? Then you'll want to know this!

Disagreements in Parenting

Do you parent with your husband, or against your husband? Or do you feel like he parents against you? Hmm ... tough questions, but I wonder if most couples don't wrestle through this on some level. Would you like some help?

When the World Seems Lonely

Life was moving along okay. No traumas, no major dilemmas. Not even significant obstacles currently stood in my path. Life was full as I was homeschooling, researching a new book, finding time for reading, and active in a small group. But I was lonely.

Safeguarding Your Marriage

Infidelity. It's a tricky topic that not many want to really talk about within their own marriage. Some are so convinced that their spouse could never cheat, they never bother to safeguard their marriage and sometimes stumble into it. Others are so hurt from previous behaviors (their spouse or other people) that they see infidelity everywhere, even if it's not really occurring.

Who’s in Charge?

Finally, base housing was available and we could move out of the tiny apartment that cost more than our housing allowance. We packed up all our belongings, loaded our nine-month old and two-year old into their car seats and headed to the base. The snow was only a couple feet deep, but the promised help from the squadron hadn’t shown up.

Isaiah 30:18 The MessageAnd my Airman was deploying in five days, just two weeks before Christmas.

Everything in me wanted to be in charge: to order help to my home, to delay the deployment a few more days, to share Christmas day with my whole family.

This time in my life was circling in my head as I wrote these words in The Warrior’s Bride: Biblical Strategies to Help the Military Spouse Thrive:

“Do you believe God knows everything?

Want to read more?

Follow Your Heart. Or Not.

Relationships are hard. One devastating time in my marriage is crystal clear in my memory. My husband hadn’t slept in two days because of an undiagnosed medical issue and was highly irritable. We fought, and he raced off on his motorcycle.

3 Resources on the Move

Relationships. God made us for relationship: with Him and with each other. In the practical realities of life, many translate that into being active in a local church. I absolutely encourage that, but what if you’re a military family who is constantly on the move. What if you arrive at a duty station knowing you will be leaving in twelve months, or what if you’ve been looking for six months and just can’t find a good-fitting church for your family?

Truthfully, even military families that plan to be at a duty station for three or four years can hold back from a local church. It’s easy to just show up on Sunday for service and then walk out the front doors without knowing anything about the people with whom you just spent an hour. … Want to read more?