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Sometimes just fun stuff, sometimes on a topic I love that doesn’t fit in one of my standard categories, this is a mesh of posts that don’t really fit anywhere.

Are you sure you know the full story?

Our Christmas Traditions

Why do you put up a Christmas tree? Why do you give presents? Why are candy canes a part of our Christmas traditions? Are you sure you know the full story? So many of the things we hang onto as truth, really aren't. Or, at least, the terms we use aren't defined well. For example, what's the highest mountain in the world? You just said Mount Everest, didn't you. Are you sure?
This is BIG!

Immeasurable Works [This is Big!]

If you've been hanging around my Facebook page any, you may have seen a poster about a new adventure. Several have asked what I'm doing. Well, today I let you in on the secret. I'm going hybrid! Some of you familiar with the publishing world know what I mean by that, but I'm guessing a lot of my readers don't. So let me elaborate. It all started years ago ... (don't worry! The story's not too long.)
prayers appreciated

Family Emergency … Prayers Appreciated

Well, it's been a crazy week for me. Last week I found out a close relative was in the hospital. I prayed and waited for doctor's reports to see how things were progressing. After talking with other relatives, we made the decision to step in and help, taking turns providing what is needed until the emergency is over. So this week, I'm away from my desk. Your prayers for a full recovery for my loved one and wisdom in all future decisions are appreciated. See you next week!
What do you think?

What Do You Think? (I’ll Make It Worth Your Time)

Every so often I like to know what you think, find out where you are, and figure out how I can help. That means I need your help, but don't worry! I've made it very easy. Below you'll find a link to a survey. It's just seven questions, and three of them are questions like whether you prefer fiction or nonfiction and the country where you live. Easy, right? As a thank you for doing this for me, I'm offering a giveaway! I'll pick TWO people from all those who complete the survey to win their choice of ONE of the following prizes:
Military Families Bible (box)

Supporting Military Families [Giveaway!]

Many of you are either military or part of a military family. Or love and support a military family.

Military Families BibleThat’s why I’m excited to introduce to you the new Military Families Bible by B&N Publishing!

This beautiful, imitation leather Bible (Holman Christian Standard version) includes thirty devotions and thirty prayers written by military authors for military families.

  • Seeking fulfillment in your life as a military spouse? This Bible has a devotion for that — written by me!
  • Feeling alone during deployment? Yep, a devotion for that too.
  • Need a prayer for trusting God’s provision during seemingly dire circumstances? Chaplain (Colonel) John Laing wrote one specifically for that.
  • Want some guidance to know how to pray for your solider, sailor, airman, or Marine to follow orders wisely and accurately?
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4 Tips to be Less Busy

Less Busy so I’m of Heavenly Good

If you missed last week’s post on being too busy, you might want to go read it first (click here to find it). It generated a few comments like, “Ouch!”

I’d say I’m sorry but it wouldn’t be genuine, so let’s just keep going.

Everyone is busyAlmost everyone I know is busy. Common replies when I ask how people are include treading water, hanging in there, and just trying to survive until [some date in the future]. I’ve been there and said those things too.

To be honest, this is on my heart and mind right now because my doctor recently confronted me with the realities of stress in my life. Nothing serious or life threatening, but definitely something to take note of.

Some of the turmoil stems from sources I cannot control.… Want to read more?

Winning More Arguments

Winning More Arguments

When it comes to personalities, I'm not a die-hard, must-win-at-all-costs kind of person. I have moments when I must win, of course, which often have more to do with who I'm arguing with rather than the topic of the argument. But, in general, I can present my thoughts and walk away.

The Best of 2015

What a year! In 2015, I graduated a daughter, published four new books for military spouses, and completed yet another out-of-state move. What was the best of the best? From my blog to social media, here they are.
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

[FREEBIE] Accomplishing What You (Really) Want

The last couple weeks of each year, I take a break from my author life to focus on Christmas, look back at the past year, and refocus my attention on the new year. I have some things I want to do! And as Benjamin Franklin is credited with saying, If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.The first several times I heard that quote, I could see the wisdom. But planning for a whole year seemed daunting! Where do you start? How do you know what to plan for? What if something unexpected crops up? What if an incredible opportunity that you didn’t foresee comes available?

And then finally, I came across a process that not only made sense to me, it was flexible enough to change with my year.… Want to read more?