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Sometimes just fun stuff, sometimes on a topic I love that doesn’t fit in one of my standard categories, this is a mesh of posts that don’t really fit anywhere.

Top 5 Most Terrifying Fairy Tales

I know many of you are readers, but how many have ever read the original fairy tales as penned by the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Andersen? They are about as far as possible from the Walt Disney version most of us carry in our heads.

April’s Winner Is…

A week-and-a-half ago, I offered a cute mug and tea set as a giveaway to my readers. We tried Rafflecopter for the first time, and it seemed to go very well. Out of all the entries, though, only one could win.

Giveaway! Cute Mug & Tea set

Awhile back, I asked fans on Facebook what kind of prizes they would like to see authors giveaway. One of the top requests: cute mugs and delicious drinks to enjoy with good books. So, here you go!

Crashing a Pet Peeve

What is more annoying: someone who has a very personal conversation on their cell phone in public, or someone who stops to listen to your cell phone conversation while in public?

The 5 Top Christian Novels

I knew when I started researching the top five Christian novels of all time that it would be very subjective. I don't know if five great novelists could ever agree on the best five books, even if they all read exactly the same book list. Yet I was curious.

Behind the Stories

Have you ever seen something and just wondered about the story behind it? Let's have some fun today! Take a look at this...

Top Inspirational Quotes

Growing up, my Dad always had an office. He placed his roll top desk on one wall, and line all the others with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. His books never seemed to all fit on the shelves, a problem I understand better now than I did back then. But two of my favorite books in his library were collections of quotes.

February’s Winner Is…

On Valentine's Day, I offered a giveaway featuring autographed copies of both Crossing Values and Ryan's Crossing, along with a special treat from Shirley Plantation: Yankee Marmalade. Several readers asked for this yummy treat, and today I announce the winner!

Giveaway…with a Special Treat!

Shirley Plantation, the oldest plantation in Virginia, stands on the banks of the James River not too far from Richmond. What's so special about it? Eleven generations of family still own and operate it! In fact, the farm dates back to 1638, making it the oldest family-owned business in America!

Left Brain vs the Intruder

I am out of town, enjoying a couple days with friends and family, trying my best to take a media fast during the visit. It's always hard for me to put down my phone and laptop, let emails sit and text messages wait. But it's also very refreshing to relax and not worry about the rest of the world.