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The Winning Announcement!

As many of you know, authors Joanie Bruce, Kathy Barnett, Lindon and Sherry Gareis, and I joined up to put together a great four pack of books just in time for the holiday season. And yesterday, we picked the winner!

front covers of the four books


Congratulations goes to the winner:

Tracy Kuemerle!

Tracy, please email your mailing address to by Friday, November 14th, and we will get your books mailed out to you!

If you didn’t win, keep an eye out on our blogs and Facebook pages. You never know when another urge to give away a book will strike any of us!

4 Book Giveaway!

The holidays are coming! Hmmm, maybe some of you didn’t want to hear that quite yet. Sorry, but telling you won’t slow down time — and maybe I can help! How about the chance to win some free books!?

Authors Lindon and Sherry Gareis, Joanie Bruce, Kathy Barnett and I want to bless you this holiday season with FOUR FREE BOOKS! Whether you keep them for yourself or give them away at Christmas is up to you.

Here are the books included in this giveaway:

Alana Candler, Marked for Murder by Joanie BruceAlana Candler is on someone’s hit list. A stalker is breathing down her neck at every turn, hiding in the shadows, waiting for her to make a mistake—to freeze long enough for him to make his hit.Want to read more?

Redemption in Crossing

Back in October 2012, I wrote a post about redemption. I'd been thinking about it, enough to look up the definition in the dictionary. I loved what I found. Still do. The very first definition at says this: an act of redeeming or the state of being redeemed.

Giveaway…with a Special Treat!

Shirley Plantation, the oldest plantation in Virginia, stands on the banks of the James River not too far from Richmond. What's so special about it? Eleven generations of family still own and operate it! In fact, the farm dates back to 1638, making it the oldest family-owned business in America!

A Crossing Story: Thomas’ Decision

Another short story based on the Crossing Series: Thomas paced in front of the park bench, the night air cooling his sweaty skin. He wrung his hands.

A Crossing Story: Caring for the Trees

Another short story based on the Crossing Series: Peter lifted four-year old Joshua onto his shoulders as they climbed the steps to the office. “If you want to grow up and work with us like your daddy,

A Crossing Story: The Phone Call

Another short story based on the Crossing Series: “So I got this letter yesterday from Mom.” Ryan slouched back, kicking his shoes off and resting them on the coffee table in front of the couch.

A Crossing Story: The Summer Promise

Peter burst from the car barely a second after his dad stopped in front of the cabin a few miles outside of Crossing, Oregon, owned by Micah and Helen Williams. His twelve-year old head didn’t notice

A Crossing Story: Missing Jamie

Faye finished wiping the counter after Christmas Eve dinner and laid the rag over the kitchen faucet to dry. While drying her hands with a towel she walked toward the living room and looked to see what the rest of the family was doing.