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We should do more

The Focus of Thanksgiving

You probably don't need me to tell you this, but it's two days until Thanksgiving. Many around me have spent the month of November striving to be more thankful. Perhaps you've seen the posts on social media, listing a new tidbit of thankfulness each day this month. That seems to be in the spirit of the original intent of the holiday. After all, what is Thanksgiving if it isn't designed to turn our hearts toward . . . prayer. Oh, not what you were expecting?
Faith and trust are inseparable.

A Simple Way to Increasing Faith

E.M. Bounds wrote in his book The Necessity of Prayer that "trust grows nowhere so readily and richly as in the prayer chamber." Interesting. I'd guess that most of us understand on some level that we need to increase our trust in God. After all, faith and trust are inseparable. You cannot have faith in something you do not trust, and as trust grows, so does faith. So, we must ask this question: Is trust tied to prayer? Is increasing faith in God truly as simple as focusing more on prayer? And if so, what does that look like? A prayer closet? More time on our knees? A prayer formula of some sort?
How much do you pray?

Enough Faith to Pray

How much do you pray? Okay, before anyone gives up on this post or journies into a guilt trip where I don't intend to lead you, let's all admit that we could all pray more. We could (and probably should) seek God more. But that's not my intent in asking the question. Instead, I want to consider the why behind our actual tendency and discipline. Why don't we pray more?