Extinguishing Embers RELEASES

Exciting news! Extinguishing Embers, the third book in the Embers series, is NOW AVAILABLE on Kindle!

If you’ve missed any of the books in this series, you’ll want to start from the beginning.

Kindling Embers

Kindling Embers, book 1

Inspector Cassandra McCarthy never thought she’d be raising her two daughters alone, but her husband’s unexpected death forced her to find a career. Now working beside a retired Special Operations soldier and veteran fireman, she serves her small North Carolina town, protecting them from hazards they don’t understand. She loves what she does and trusts God to provide—until a series of unexplained fires hits too close to home.

Igniting Embers

Igniting Embers, book 2

Deputy Fire Marshal Cassandra McCarthy thought her life would settle down once the teenagers who had been starting nuisance fires were caught. But a hurricane heading to Silver Heights threatens to destroy both property and lives, and another unexplained fire evokes fears of a serial arsonist. Can she prepare the town for the looming emergency and protect them from the danger living in their midst?


Extinguishing Embers

And now . . . Extinguishing Embers, book 3

The hurricane left millions of dollars of destruction, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency has invaded to help the community clean up and move forward. Yet in the midst of recovery, a rash of unexplained fires grow more menacing. Deputy Fire Marshal Cassandra McCarthy works closely with the sheriff’s office and the county fire departments, following the small pieces of evidence left at each fire scene. But what will it cost her to capture the arsonist?


MORE NEWS: Paperback version is COMING SOON!

Want to read this series, but prefer to hold a paperback in your hands? Then get ready because we’re already working on this!

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