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For the Crossing Series

There is romance, intrigue, and a picture of what it means to live a life of faith without having all the answers first. Carrie Daws shares her gift of writing with her faith which shows very obviously in this novel. I was able to sit back and read each book within a couple of hours just marveling at the power of simplicity. ~Lighthouse88, Amazon
A character list, Faye’s favorite recipes, and additional short stories! If you love my Crossing series then you want to click here!

For the Ember Series

My newest three-book series is based on a friend with a local Fire Marshal’s office!
I have read all of Carrie’s books and this one is one of her best. I loved the sassy character but the main thing that kept me ferociously was the intrigue. ~LauraP, Amazon
Want to know what was real in each story? Think your family is safe from common fire hazards? Get Carrie’s notes and a checklist by clicking here!

For the Warrior’s Bride

Cru Military appreciates the heart, soul and expertise that Carrie Daws puts into military families. ~Lt Gen Jeffrey Oster, USMC (Retired), Executive Director, Cru Military
Moving? Deployment looming? I’ve got a checklist for that! Wondering where your marriage needs work? I’ve got a simple quiz for that! Checklists for spouses, posters you can download, and more are available by clicking here! All FREE!
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