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The Warrior’s Bride is an encouraging read for military and non-military wives. Carrie and Kathy are transparent, raw, honest, and inspirational in this one of a kind read. It’s a life-giving story of real people, real struggles, and real solutions.

~Susan, Amazon

Warrior’s Bride Devotional

Love the book? Or, do you want to sample the book without buying it first? Then this 11-day devotional is just for you! Download the full PDF here, or click here to sign up for a 13-day daily email (includes welcome and thank you emails).

Moving Checklist

Orders have come down, and you will be moving soon. What do you need to do first? The eBook that walks you through the entire process is Beyond Warrior’s Bride: Moving, but this handy checklist will guide you through the weeks before the move all the way to your arrival at your new installation.

Moving with Kids

Moving is tough enough, but add kids to the mix and any sane parent could lose their mind! I’ve taken the time to think through what worked best when my kids were young and to poll my friends who’ve made military moves with kids, and compiled all the answers into this great new resource. And it’s FREE for you to download and share with friends!


You may have seen some of the great posters or eCards around social media featuring quotes from The Warrior’s Bride. Well, now you can download your own copies of these great posters to use as wallpaper or screen savers!

Pre-Deployment Checklist

Your warrior is about to leave on deployment. Are you ready? Okay, we know you are not ready, so perhaps the better question is this: Is your household ready? So much goes into planning his mission, yet often our mission at home gets minimized or overlooked as we rush about trying to help him. No more! This handy pre-deployment checklist for military spouses will help you prepare your household for his deployment.

Safeguarding Your Marriage

How do you work toward protecting your marriage from infidelity? In what areas should you be putting safeguards in place to keep you and your spouse from making poor choices that could endanger the trust you share? In this short excerpt from The Warrior’s Bride, Kathy Barnett highlights six questions you need to consider.

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