Things are hopping around my writing zone, although you probably haven’t noticed. Trust me, though, I’m working hard to bring you great value—more books, freebies, and giveaways. Speaking of giveaways, you may want to keep reading; I’m so excited about what I can offer you today!

New Release

Personal FinanceOn December 1st, my newest book in the Beyond Warrior’s Bride series releases. Finances: A Military Spouse’s Biblical Guide to Personal Finance. Kathy Barnett joins me to tackle this subject and speak to a couple military specific situations, like deployment spending.

Did you know 64% of military marriages are stressed about their current financial condition? I hear hopelessness and frustration in that statistic, and I want to combat it!

Your money controls you if your checkbook balance goes negative, if there’s too much month for your money, or if fights arise in your home over expenses. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Even if you aren’t military, let Kathy and I help you take your first steps to gaining control of your finances.

Incredible Giveaway

And it gets better! Not only am I offering one FREE copy of my newest book when it releases in a couple weeks, but Ramsey Solutions wants to join hands with you too! To help you make wise changes and smart decisions, the Ramsey team graciously donated a copy of Financial Peace Military Home Study!

Financial PeaceWhat are the benefits of Financial Peace Military?

  • Learn financial responsibility using Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps.
  • Eliminate debt using the debt snowball method.
  • Attend any military class in the future as many times as you would like and take advantage of continuing accountability and support.
  • Learn how to spend every dollar on paper with the zero-based budget planner.
  • Beat debt or build wealth by establishing a plan to take control of your finances.

The Financial Peace Military Home Study Kit includes:

  • Financial Peace Military Workbook
    Your week-by-week guidebook during the course. Includes helpful tips, questions, and a complete set of monthly budgeting forms.
  • Financial Peace Military DVD library
    All 12 FPM lessons on DVD: Dave does all the teaching! Plus one Bonus Lesson.
  • Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money
    This book will help guide you in your Financial Peace Journey.
  • Military Resource Center
    Access to our free online toolkit with downloadable audio lessons, the gazelle budgeting tool, the Ask Dave forum and more!
  • Budgeting Forms
    Complete set of monthly budgeting forms.

Enter Now!

Entering your name in the drawing for a copy of my new book Finances AND Financial Peace Military is easy! Just use the box below, choosing to do one, two, or all three options to enter your name once or multiple times. (And the Twitter option is available to you once per day, so you can really rack up the entries!)

Problems with the form? Just leave a comment below telling me one of your financial goals for next year and that will enter you into the giveaway. (And yes, you can leave more than one comment, earning you more than one entry.)

Questions? Leave me a note in the comments or email me at

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