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As an author of five inspirational fiction books, seven encouraging nonfiction books for military spouses, and one 14-day Bible study, I regularly speak to women on a variety of topics relating to thriving in life. I enjoy book clubs and small groups, as well as larger gatherings, conferences, and retreats.

My popular speaking topics for women are:

  • What is love? In 1 John 4:19-21, John declares that we love because God first loved us. What was he thinking of as he penned those verses, and what do his word choices convey to us today about how we should love each other? Approximate speaking time: 90 minutes, or can be combined with the talk on boundaries and extended into a three session retreat.
  • Godly Boundaries. Everyone has trouble setting and maintaining boundaries. But can a Christian set boundaries and still be loving? If so, what boundaries should be set? Based on the research and books by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, Carrie walks through the basics of setting godly boundaries. Approximate speaking time: two hours. Additional session of case studies and practical application can be added; approximate time 90 minutes.
  • 4 Secrets to a Great Marriage. Marriage can be tough! Whether you want to give up, are merely plodding your way through, or think life is pretty good, you can hope for more. Even if you are on the brink of divorce, your marriage can become the stuff dreams (and really good romances) are made of. Approximate speaking time: 90 minutes.

“Every one of our ladies that came and heard Carrie speak on being a Warrior’s Bride was inspired, encouraged, and challenged in new ways to love the Lord and love their husbands.  Our Tuesday morning group listens to many different speakers throughout the year, and I must say Carrie was exceptional. Everyone was so tuned in and attentive and the question/answer time went long and got quite real. Everyone is still buzzing, weeks later, about the truths learned.” ~Katie Hawkins, Groups Director, Mount Ararat Church, Virginia

Carrie Daws WOC Retreat“When Carrie Daws speaks she has a God-given gift to make her audience feel comfortable, feel involved, and feel the Holy Spirit speaking through her. Carrie has a gift of not overwhelming the non-Christian or newer Christian with Scripture verse after verse. Carrie uses His Word and her life intertwined to make one want to search out the verse she shares and make one want to apply more of His Word to one’s own life! I always look forward to hearing Carrie’s messages and at times counseling! I am blessed to call Carrie a sister in Christ.” ~Julie McWilliams, President, MCB Quantico Women of the Chapel

My popular speaking topics for homeschoolers are:

  • Creative Writing for Teens. This six-week class for teenagers focuses on modern fiction writing techniques. Students will learn why writing fiction is a great tool to spread the love of Christ, developing characters readers want to know about, laying out a scene that immerses the reader in the story, writing dialogue that keeps a reader’s interest, and the general rules of writing fiction. Approximate speaking time: 6 weekly one-hour sessions.
  • My student won’t write! As a homeschooling mother of two boys who hate writing, I get it. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up writing altogether. Let me help you seek out how God wired your student, and then tweak writing curriculum to match their God-given abilities. Approximate time: 30 minutes.

“My daughter was blessed to attend a writing enrichment class taught by Carrie.  Carrie encouraged my daughter to create a story and develop the characters.  She also taught her useful grammatical tips and how to incorporate them into writings of fiction.  It is sometimes difficult for students to get their thoughts and ideas onto paper, but under Carrie’s tutelage, my daughter’s writing skills improved.”  ~Rhonda A, North Carolina

“If you want your child to be inspired to write and to learn how to do it correctly take a class with published author Carrie Daws. After one class my reluctant writer actually wanted to write! Carrie was gentle in her corrections to the class teaching the rules of writing but didn’t overwhelm them with information which allowed for creativity to flow. The girls came out of each class smiling and ready for more. After the last class my daughter said, ‘When can we do this again!?'” ~Cheryl Allin, FishNet Homeschool Group Leader, North Carolina

Carrie’s Previous Engagements Include:

  • various radio interviews including American Family Radio and the WCLN Morning Show
  • Protestant Women of the Chapel International Conference, workshop speaker with Major General Robert Dees, 2010
  • Southview Baptist Church, workshop speaker at women’s conference, 2011
  • Mt. Ararat Baptist Church, ladies Bible study, featured speaker, 2015
  • Military Wives Spiritual Resiliency Event, Ft Bragg, featured speaker, 2015
  • Military at the CROSS, RockFish Church, featured speaker, 2015 & 2016
  • Women of the Chapel, MCB Quantico, retreat speaker, 2016

Carrie’s Credentials:

While Carrie did acquire an Associate of Science in Business Administration many years ago, she’s continued her education with various classes and practical hands-on education in the areas God’s led her to minister. Besides reading a variety of books, she’s completed:

  • Various courses at the Online Bible College, including A Passion for God’s Word, The Power of the Gospel, How to Teach God’s Word, Living with God, Essential Truths I and II, and Discovering Jesus
  • Christian Writer’s Guild Apprenticeship, a 2-year mentored writing course
  • Spiritual Development Training, a 24-hour lay counseling class developed by her church’s Senior Pastor, a licensed marriage and family therapist
  • Care and Counsel for Combat Trauma, a 30-hour course developed by Cru Military and the American Association of Christian Counselors
  • Professional Life Coaching 101, a 12-hour course developed by Light University, American Association of Christian Counselors

“Cru Military, a division of Cru, appreciates the heart, soul, and expertise that Carrie Daws puts into military families.  Carrie not only completed Care and Counsel for Combat Trauma (C3T), a 30-hour course developed by Military Ministry and the AACC, but she condensed it into a six-hour course for the lay person. In addition, Carrie partnered with Cru Military in presenting a workshop on the C3T to military women, wives, and chaplains at the 2010 Protestant Women of the Chapel International Conference in Dallas, TX.” LtGen Jeffrey Oster, USMC (Retired), Executive Director, Cru Military, Cru

Carrie Daws WOC Retreat 2016

Media Packets

This MEDIA PACKET is designed specifically for The Warrior’s Bride. It contains the front cover pictures from The Warrior’s Bride and all six books in the Beyond Warrior’s Bride series, descriptions of each book, a brief author bio for Carrie, two reviews, and five suggested interview questions. For more information, please email Carrie at Contact@CarrieDaws.com. You are also welcome to contact Kathy Barnett at WarriorBride90@gmail.com.

This MEDIA PACKETis designed specifically for the Crossing series. It contains front cover pictures and descriptions for all four novellas, a brief author bio, two reviews, and five suggested interview questions. For more information, please email Carrie at Contact@CarrieDaws.com.

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