At long last, the newest member of my family is here. If you receive my monthly newsletter, then you’ve expected it, but it may be a surprise to the rest of you.

front cover of Your Extended FamilyThe first book in the Beyond Warrior’s Bride series is available for purchase! This first book talks about dealing with your family, at least the ones outside your marriage and children.

Isn’t that a great cover! The five icons surrounding the family tree give you insight into what topics are coming next!

Why start with extended family? Well, for several reasons. This is what I wrote in the book:

I’ve heard horror stories from sobbing women because their siblings or parents are demanding more than they feel like they can give. I’ve loved on heartbroken women whose family simply didn’t understand that vacations within the military are not asked for and granted as easily as they are in the civilian world. And I’ve listened with great empathy to women who struggle with missing out on impromptu family dinners and sibling birthday celebrations.

This is not one of those things a lot of military women talk about openly because the people involved are often near and dear to us. I know on a couple of occasions, I felt such a mess of emotions that I couldn’t even sort what truly bothered me–what the root of the problem was.

Quote from Your Extended FamilyOf course, living far from family brings a different set of problems, especially if you move often, like we did for so many years. Who do you trust to watch your children? Who do you call in the middle of the night to ask them to run to the store for medicine when your husband is deployed? How would you handle a true crisis if it knocked on your doorstep?

If living within or without your family is a concern, check out my newest book. It’s only about a chapter long, so it’s a quick read. But, it’s full of what God has shown me in my life and taught to me as I ministered to other military families.

And it’s only $0.99! How awesome is that?

You can find Beyond Warrior’s Bride: Your Extended Family: A Military Spouse’s Guide to Living Within and Without Your Family at all major eReader stores. Here are the direct links to Kindle and Nook for your convenience:

Amazon (Kindle)

Barnes & Noble (Nook)

(Pssst … as a treat for those of you who read all the way to the end: leave a comment below and next week I will choose TWO PEOPLE to win a FREE copy of Your Extended Family!)

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