What if . . . I had turned right instead of going straight? Would I have avoided the accident? What if . . . I had left five minutes sooner? Or later? What if . . . my baby had been in the car? Or a slow driver had been in front of the driver that hit me?


What if . . . . At one time or another, most of are haunted by these kinds of questions. In the car accident I talk about above, thankfully my baby was not in the car and I was not injured. Considering the resulting damage to my car, though, it would have been nice if something would have prevented the accident.

But this raises other questions. What if . . . that accident was for my best? After all, if God allowed it, He wanted to do something good through it, right? Not that the accident was good, of course. But just because something isn’t good, that doesn’t mean that nothing good can come from it.

My daughter recently brought the song Blessings by Laura Story to my attention. While I’ll allow you to listen to the song in its entirety for yourself, perhaps my favorite line is this:

You hear each spoken need yet love us way too much to give us lesser things

Blessings by Laura Story from bredna on GodTube.

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