Know your audience. Part of my job as author is to know who my readers are, what they like, and where they live. And believe it or not, this can be very controversial in the Christian market.

Some believe we should write for those outside Christianity, to use our storytelling skills to draw others to Christ. Some of these same people argue that for Christians to only write for other Christians is to simply be preaching to the choir.

While I certainly see a place for Christian authors to reach out to those outside our faith, I think the needs within the Christian community cannot be so easily cast aside. After all, many within the church are hurting. All of us have things to learn from those ahead of us. And even in our best moments, an ounce of encouragement from a fellow sojourner isn’t necessarily wasted.

That’s why I primarily write to Christians. I know it could limit my audience, but I’ve never viewed getting books into the right hands as my job anyway. It’s my job to be faithful in writing, to learn to write better today than I did yesterday, to follow the best advice of godly counselors on getting the word about my stories out.

Actually getting the book into your hands, and your heart . . . that’s God’s job.

I think Christian authors have a tremendous job standing before the choir, encouraging the modern saints to remain steadfast. To remember our heritage. To stay engage in the battle that rages around us for our families and our nation.

Because I see the call of encouraging the saints to stay true to their calling is just as important as spreading the call of Jesus.

What do you think?


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