Infidelity. It’s a tricky topic that not many want to really talk about within their own marriage. Some are so convinced that their spouse could never cheat, they never bother to safeguard their marriage and sometimes stumble into infidelity. Others are so hurt from previous behaviors (their spouse or other people) that they see infidelity everywhere, even if it’s not really occurring.

Evaluate how well you safeguard your marriageIn Chapter 11 of The Warrior’s Bride, Kathy Barnett discusses six questions to help you seriously consider how well you are safeguarding your marriage from infidelity. This is such a valuable asset to couples that we wanted to get it out to as many people as we could.

A New Resource to Help Marriages Safeguard from Infidelity

A PDF copy of the questions and discussions are now available so you can easily print and share them. Work through the form on your own, with your spouse, or even make copies for your small group! Feel free to share this resource with friends and family members.

To find the PDF file, click here, then scroll down to Freebies for The Warrior’s Bride.


The Warrior's Bride front coverThe Warrior’s Bride released on eBook last week, and the paperback releases in just three weeks! To read the opening chapter, click here.

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