As many of you know, later this year I will be releasing a nonfiction book titled The Warrior’s Bride: Biblical Strategies for Helping the Military Spouse Thrive. I was blessed to be able to co-author this work with Kathy Barnett. You may remember the blog post from about a month ago where I told the story of how it all began. (If not, you can read it here.)

From time to time, particularly as the release of Warrior’s Bride gets closer, Kathy will graciously spend some time with us here on my blog. Today she joins us, and you get a sneak peak at just a little bit of The Warrior’s Bride as she shares a brief piece of the book.

By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. —Matthew 7:16–17

by Kathy Barnett

k8943-20iThis spring, when we were working in the garden, several little sprouts were growing and I had no idea what they were. I told my daughter we would simply have to wait and see what fruit was produced in order to determine what plants they were. But honestly, we should be able to tell what type of plant is growing while it is still fairly small, so we can anticipate a particular fruit. If we have tomato plants growing where we wanted watermelons, then we will have to remove the plants by the roots and either discard them, or transplant them. If you want to change the fruit, you must change the root.

Everyone knows, when they plant a seed, that the plant and fruit that come from the seed will be as its parent plant was. If you plant an apple seed, you will get an apple tree, and the fruit you gain will be apples. You wouldn’t expect to get an orange from an apple seed.

And yet in our lives we often plant seeds but expect to see a different plant spring up. We hope for peace, joy, and patience in our lives, yet we plant strife, anger, and complaints. Why do we think that we will get good fruit if we aren’t planting good seeds?

The foundation of truth in our lives must spring forth from the living Word of God. If we hope to have good fruit, such as those listed in Galatians 5:22–23, we must learn to plant the right seeds and water them liberally with the Word daily, all while standing in the light of the Son. Without the planting of salvation in our lives, which is only possible through faith in Jesus and the payment He made for our sins, the life we seek will evade us.

Will you allow Christ to cultivate within you a planting which will bear godly fruit? I pray you will, and that your harvest is plentiful dear one!


Recently retired from the US Army, Kathy and her husband reside near Ft. Bragg, NC, where they raise their family and minister to the needs of the military within their church and community. She loves running on long roads, reading long books, and having long conversations about what Jesus has done in her life. Her heart is to see people find freedom in Christ—her greatest joy is seeing that liberty become reality.


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