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5 Love Languages

Is it okay to walk away?

Repairing a Broken Relationship

I'd hurt her feelings, and she didn't want to talk to me. I gave her some time and space, yet a couple weeks later she still wouldn't talk to me. Our relationship felt irreparably broken. How can you heal a broken relationship? Should you always seek restoration, or does the Bible tell us that sometimes it's okay to walk away? And what if the other person refuses to talk to you about it? These are big questions, but important ones. Let's start with a more foundational one: How important are relationships?
Babbling Brooks Beware?

Not Just for the Babbling Brook

Condemnation. I could read it all over her, from her downward expression to her slumped shoulders. A verse had been placed before us, and the apparent truth in it hit her like a ton of bricks. We Christians are really good at broadcasting a verse and leaving it sit there as the final authority. But what about those who struggle with the core value of that verse?