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Faith Deployed

3 Resources on the Move

Relationships. God made us for relationship: with Him and with each other. In the practical realities of life, many translate that into being active in a local church. I absolutely encourage that, but what if you’re a military family who is constantly on the move. What if you arrive at a duty station knowing you will be leaving in twelve months, or what if you’ve been looking for six months and just can’t find a good-fitting church for your family?

Truthfully, even military families that plan to be at a duty station for three or four years can hold back from a local church. It’s easy to just show up on Sunday for service and then walk out the front doors without knowing anything about the people with whom you just spent an hour. … Want to read more?

Soul Talk with Jocelyn Green

Many of you know my love for our military, and military spouses hold a special place in my heart. So it a great honor to share my blog today with Jocelyn Green, wife to a former Coast Guard officer and author of several books focused on encouraging military families. The following devotion, written by Jocelyn, is an excerpt from Faith Deployed . . . Again: More Daily Encouragement for Military Wives.