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Book Review – Undone

I first heard of Michele Cushatt on the Michael Hyatt podcast This is Your Life. At first she came across as sweet, thoughtful, and genuine. And then one day, Michael turned the tables and interviewed her about her new book. Wow! What a life full of pain and uncertainty.

Fear has only as much rope as I give it.

Book Description from GoodReads

Undone front coverUndone is author Michele Cushatt’s quest to make peace with a complicated life. It is an honest confession of a diagnosis of cancer and the joys and disappointments of motherhood and marriage, ripe with regret over what is and, yet, still hopeful for what could be.

With enough humor to ease the rawness of the story, Undone takes the reader on a roller coaster two-year journey through the unexpectedness of life.… Want to read more?