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The Warrior’s Bride, Page 2

Who’s in Charge?

Finally, base housing was available and we could move out of the tiny apartment that cost more than our housing allowance. We packed up all our belongings, loaded our nine-month old and two-year old into their car seats and headed to the base. The snow was only a couple feet deep, but the promised help from the squadron hadn’t shown up.

Isaiah 30:18 The MessageAnd my Airman was deploying in five days, just two weeks before Christmas.

Everything in me wanted to be in charge: to order help to my home, to delay the deployment a few more days, to share Christmas day with my whole family.

This time in my life was circling in my head as I wrote these words in The Warrior’s Bride: Biblical Strategies to Help the Military Spouse Thrive:

“Do you believe God knows everything?

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Follow Your Heart. Or Not.

Relationships are hard. One devastating time in my marriage is crystal clear in my memory. My husband hadn’t slept in two days because of an undiagnosed medical issue and was highly irritable. We fought, and he raced off on his motorcycle.

Fighting Frustration

Frustration. Whether it’s people or just life in general, all of us deal with frustration on a regular basis. Perhaps your husband isn’t doing what you think he should, or your marriage isn’t what you want it to be. Maybe your current duty station is dreadful, or the housing assignment should be condemned. I’ve been in all of these situations, including a military home that was torn down after we moved out of it!

Living with a Wounded Soul

Do you or a friend live with a wounded warrior? This phrase has become somewhat common place within the military community, although its application is very broad. The following is an excerpt from The Warrior's Bride in which I share a little of our journey when I began to see a decline in my husband after his deployment to Saudi Arabia in early 2001.

The Warrior’s Calling

God’s the one who started this, and God is the one I need to let finish it. But sometimes that is so hard!

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