One of my dear friends laughingly employs what she calls the Triple P Method: Productively Prioritizing her Procrastination. Scratching your head? Basically, it means that her life is sometimes so crazy that she can only handle what is critical for the moment.

Her daughter’s homework assignment for tomorrow that needs construction paper? Stopping at the store is on top of her To Do list. The work report that is due next week? She’ll do her best to spend some time on it, but it may not get the attention it really needs until … well, next week.

She knows this isn’t the best way to live and thankfully she does pray about places she can slow down or where to unload what God doesn’t have for her. And yet, at times in my life, I can honestly say that I was Triple P-ing it too.

UnknownBut that doesn’t describe my life right now. Since our move this past summer, things slowed considerably. And while I enjoyed it for a time, I am beginning to feel anxious to be hard at work within a ministry again. My vacation with close friends last week not only emphasized this, but also reminded my heart how very much I love my southern family and wish I was near them.

But God reminded me of something.

  • Noah lost everyone around him except for his wife, sons and daughters-in-law. (Genesis 7:22-23)
  • Abraham was commanded to leave his people and father’s household and venture into a land unknown to him. (Genesis 12:1)
  • Joseph lost his entire family, was sold into slavery, and then thrown in jail. (Genesis 37:12-36, 39:1-23)

The stories continue throughout the Bible. One person after another taken from what they know and put into an uncomfortable place. A place of waiting, sure, but not a place of nothing.

Imagine what each of these people learned about God in their place of waiting. About God’s protection, promise, and provision. Perhaps these are among the lessons for me in this time of slowness. This time is about more than rest or recuperation. It’s about freshly experiencing God.

Sure waiting is hard, but I don’t want to be so caught up in the desire for something different that I miss what God has for me here.

What about you? Is your life right now about Productively Prioritizing your Procrastination? Or about freshly experiencing God’s protection, promise and provision?

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