As I prepare to attend the American Association of Christian Counselor’s World Conference this week, my friend and author Joanie Bruce agreed to stop by and spend some time with you. I’m so grateful! Thanks, Joanie!

Dear readers: Does your To Do pile keep growing and your Done pile stay the same … like mine?

My work never gets done.As hard as I try to catch up with my work, it never gets done. I wash dishes, clean the sink, wipe down all the counter tops, and the next thing I know, there are more dishes in the sink to wash. I put a load of clothes in the washing machine, dry them, fold them, and put them away, but when I go back into the utility room the next day, the hampers are full again. Sigh.

Life is never ending …

Chores are never ending. Responsibilities are never ending. The only person in my family who has no responsibilities is my grandson, who is only seven-months old.

There’s only one thing I can change about all the many things I have to do: my attitude. Improving my attitude cuts the unending tasks down to size and makes them seem more pleasant.

Look at it this way. If I attack my responsibilities with a negative attitude, does it make them any easier to accomplish? No.

Does it help them get done any faster? No.

Does it make them go away? No.

The only thing having a negative attitude does is hurt myself. It saps my strength and makes each task seem so much more hateful. It also makes me grouchy and unproductive, and it can ruin a perfectly good day.

Having a bad attitude is like a flat tire….it won’t get you anywhere!

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But a positive attitude?

Positive attitudes, on the other hand, make me feel uplifted. Singing a favorite song while I work makes the work seem to go faster, especially if that task is unpleasant. A goal list also helps me keep chores on a positive note; by checking off each task as I complete it, I feel a sense of accomplishment and I feel as if I’m making a dent in that mountain of things I have to do.

Colossians 3:17 Remembering that every task I’m preforming is one God has given me for that specific time also adds a positive twist to my day. God expects me to give my best when I attack the assignments He gives me, and I’m sure he appreciates it when I do that with the right attitude.

So, the next time I find myself mumbling or having a complaining attitude over a duty I hate doing, I’m choosing now to change my thought processes. I’ll turn that negative attitude into a positive one, and I bet before I know it, my jobs will be checked off of my To Do list. That will make me feel accomplished and content. And at the end of the day, when my list is complete, I can rest for the evening with a huge smile on my face.

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What about you? Does your attitude toward distasteful tasks make a difference?

“And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” Colossians 3:17

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