Last week I guest posted over at Action Plan Ministries about how I get so much done (click here if you missed it). I focused on prioritizing your life by God’s desires, but I did intentionally leave out one step: counting the cost.

Henry Thoreau quote: The cost of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.Scripture admonishes us to count the cost. Luke 14:25-34 talks about saving yourself ridicule or destruction by looking ahead to see if you are prepared to complete the task.

Counting the cost of obedience.

Sometimes doing what God directs costs money. Sometimes it costs physical labor. Often it costs time. Sacrificing personal desires, giving up a one dream to pursue another, or postponing your schedule in order to step into another’s can also happen. And any one of those things can make us hesitate to follow through.

Writing my books cost me hours upon hours of mental labor, significant money poured into the books themselves as well as the tools I need to both learn more and keep my skills sharp, time in marketing and conversing with readers, and much more.

It’s enough to make any writer who really thinks through the process hesitate.

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Moving forward.

So why did I step out and publish a book? Partly because I was very naïve. I had no idea what the road looked like, and so I started the journey in blissful ignorance.

But mostly, because I counted the cost of not doing what God was directing me to do. The cost of delayed obedience was a lack of peace and a near-constant admonishing to trust and obey.

I don’t even want to consider what the cost would have looked like to disobey entirely.

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And so, whatever came to mind last week as you read my post on prioritizing your life, I encourage you: please, obey. Accept God’s challenge. Follow through on His directions. Trust His goodness.


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