If you’ve been hanging around my Facebook page any, you may have seen this:

God has opened a door.Several have asked what I’m doing. Well, today I let you in on the secret. I’m going hybrid!

Some of you familiar with the publishing world know what I mean by that, but I’m guessing a lot of my readers don’t. So let me elaborate.

It all started years ago …

When I first started researching publishers for my first book, Crossing Values, self-publishing crossed my path. But back then, I knew almost nothing about publishing. Okay, I knew less than that. I at least had the wisdom to know that I needed lots of help.

While I kept my publisher busy releasing books for me, self-publishing rates exploded. Pretty much anyone willing to put in a little time can put a book up for sale on Amazon.

The problem is most of those works are not very good. Many have either not been edited or were edited by someone who doesn’t understand the current rules as dictated by the style manual that governs book writers. Similarly, many of these books have covers created by people who know little-to-nothing of modern graphic design.

Although I would consider self-publishing once or twice a year, I always walked away because I was used to a level of professionalism. A standard of quality. And that’s what I wanted to offer you.

But God wouldn’t release me …

Last year, I looked into self-publishing at least three different times. And this past spring, I looked at it again.

I’ve been around long enough now to not be totally overwhelmed with the whole process. I’ve worked with a few editors and know some who freelance. And I have some contacts in the arts and graphics world that I thought I could hire or would at least point me in the right direction.

But the publishing world is big. And the responsibilities on the shoulders of authors is heavy.

You were still in the forefront of my mind. Could I really self-publish a book, do it well, and keep up with everything else in my author life?


I had margin, but not time.

For about three months, God had already been helping me clear my calendar. I was creating more space, saying no to more things. But, as with all of us, my work time was limited.

So, I threw my gauntlet down at God’s feet. (Did you miss that post a couple weeks ago? You can find it here).

I told Him that if I was going to self-publish, I was going to give it my best and hold myself to a high standard.

  • I needed a good editor that I could trust and was willing to freelance for me.
  • I needed a good graphics designer that kept up with current standards and reader preferences.
  • I needed help to keep up with things like blog posts, social media, and shipping out books.

It took about six months, but God responded.

Changes abound

With that as my backdrop, I have two introductions to make.

Immeasurable WorksFirst, meet Immeasurable Works®. It’s my own publishing company created to get my books out to you, my readers. (No, I’m not taking on other books, so please do not send me your proposal.)

Second, meet Hailey. She’s working for Immeasurable Works a few hours each week to help me keep things moving forward.

What does this mean for you?

Ultimately, very little. I know some of you are relieved.

1. I have reclaimed my rights to my Crossing series, so they are coming off the market at bookstores nationwide. Don’t worry! Hailey and I are working toward getting them back on Amazon under my new company. In the meantime, we have launched a HUGE SALE on the paperbacks. Just click here to go to my online store.

2. My new releases will only be available on Amazon. Hailey and I are looking at a big learning curve, so over time we will likely expand to more stores. But to give you the quality we know you expect from me, we must limit the formats and processes we have to master.

3. With Hailey on board, we have time to tackle something that many of you asked about: audiobooks! Hailey’s already begun the research, and we’ll be starting with Crossing Values. Watch for more news about this development!

4. If you email me, you may receive a reply from Hailey. I love talking to you and will continue to answer as many of your notes as I can. But if I’m in a season of heavy writing or if you have a simple question, she may respond on my behalf.

A small favor

Those are the changes happening around here. Although many of you may not notice any of it, they are huge adjustments in my life. So I’m asking for something from you.

Will you pray for us?

  • More specifically, pray that I stay disciplined and productive in my writing time.
  • Pray that Hailey and I work well together and continue to develop our relationship into something that benefits us both and honors God.
  • Pray that we have great wisdom to know what to offer our readers, and that people would respond to the message God is sending through us.

What do you think? Does knowing that my next books won’t be going through an established publisher change how you feel about them?

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