What a year! In 2016, I graduated a son (my toughest student), published two new books for military spouses, and one new fiction novelette.

What was the best of the best?

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Top 10 Posts from 2016:

1. How Will You Remember Memorial Day 2016?

Memorial DayThis simple tribute to the soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and guardsmen who have given all to protect me and my family includes a brief story from The Warrior’s Bride.

2. My 5 Best Tips for PCS Season

Whether you are moving or expecting new neighbors, this post has something for you. And, as a bonus, I included my FREE checklist to prepare for a military move!

3. Supporting Military Families [Giveaway]

The giveaway is over, but I love this Bible released by Lifeway Stores this year. It’s beautiful and includes many great devotions and prayers for the extended families of military members.

4. Avoiding the Wrong Friends

Not everyone, even in the local church, is ready to be a good friend to you. This post discusses some of the things to look out for so you’ll be wise in your friendships.

5. Are You Responsible for Others?

How much are you responsible for others?Where does our responsibility toward others begin and end? How much are you responsible for others? And when are you supposed to let them walk through something on their own?

6. Top Ten Authors You May Not Know

The authors on this list are some of my favorite to read! Have you read any of their books?

7. What if Prayer Isn’t Working

That’s not an easy question, and truthfully, a lot could be going on. But what if you’ve done everything you believe you are supposed to do, and God still isn’t answering?

8. Saying No Without Guilt

Why do you say yes? Out of guilt? Obligation? Because you are a people pleaser? Can we learn to say no without feeling guilty? And when does the Bible say it’s okay to turn others down?

9. Is It Christmas with Jesus or Jesus with Christmas

This guest post by friend and author Sherry Gareis reminds us what Christmas is all about: Jesus. Most of us know that, but the question we need to consider is do we celebrate Christmas and add a little Jesus? Or, do we celebrate Jesus and add a little Christmas?

10. Too Busy to Be of Earthly Good

I’m busy, busy, dreadfully busy. How many of you agree? How many of you stress over the fullness of your calendar? Is help available? Of course! But it may look different than you think it should.How was your 2016 and what are you looking forward to in 2017?


In 2017, I’m looking to publish three or four more fiction books: the remaining two books in my Embers series as well as launch my Home Front Heroines series.

What about you? How was your 2016, and what are you looking forward to in 2017?

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