It goes deeper than being able to apply Scripture to life's trials and temptations.For the last several years, I’ve wanted to get better about using God’s Word in my life. It’s more than just wanting to know Bible verses. It goes deeper than being able to apply Scripture to life’s trials and temptations.

Deep within me, I want to be able to take Scripture and use it — to fight life’s battles, to stand firm in chaos, to deflect and defeat the enemy’s schemes, to encourage and embolden friends and family members.

I want to see it’s real, practical, powerful effects and confidently know that Heaven went to work for my benefit. I crave the ability to expertly handle Scripture the way Yoda wields a light saber or Thor throws his hammer.

With all of this in my heart, I looked forward to reading Lisa Bevere’s book Girls with Swords.

We do not live by the violence of a sword, but the time has come to live by the power of one. ~Lisa Bevere, Girls with Swords

Girls with Swords: Description from Amazon

When women understand how God has empowered them, they can “wield the sword” of feminine strength against any evil that threatens them and those they love.

Girls with SwordsWhat if you discovered you have been entrusted with an invisible, invincible, and incorruptible weapon? Would you use it?

In a day of worldwide trafficking, gendercide, discrimination, and other hostility against women, Lisa Bevere points to a biblical foundation to present a model of feminine strength that will empower women to live confidently. Drawing on the many references to swords throughout Scripture, the author constructs a revealing and compelling female paradigm that will impact every area of a woman’s self identity, spiritual awareness, relationships, and life vision and mission. Long known for her passionate and articulate expression of biblical womanhood, Bevere presents fresh imagery — as enticing and strong as polished steel — to prepare women boldly for the challenges they face in today’s world. It’s not enough to just be wise and strong: Now a woman must know how to wield her sword.

Creatively forging the imagery of swords, the Word of God, and the Cross, Girls with Swords will teach you:
• How to speak the language of heaven on earth
• What it means to intercede
It’s time to take up your sword and be a hero.• What it means to carry your cross
• What it means to be discerning
• How to disarm the enemy
• Why women are the enemy’s target — and why God needs them to be heroes

It’s time to take up your sword and be a hero.

My Thoughts about the Book

If you dare to dream, you must be brave enough to fight. ~Lisa Bevere, Girls with Swords

I’m a visual person, so I loved the analogy of the sword woven throughout this book. I could picture my enemy coming toward me and feel that moment of hesitation as I decide whether to stand or run. The fencing facts sprinkled through the text strengthened these images I’d formed, and I easily translated them into lessons I needed to remember. And the image of the cross as a sword buried deep in the earth filled me with hope and determination to finish the path God’s laid out before me like no other.

It’s our choice whether or not we partake of His training and His blessings.Lisa Bevere uses Scripture and personal stories to drive her points home. She lovingly but firmly shares the truths we all need to grasp. She boldly relates that God equips us with everything we need to thrive on this earth and the spiritual battlefields of life. It’s our choice whether or not we partake of His training and His blessings.

The Bottom Line – 5 stars

This book both encouraged and challenged me. I feel more emboldened, yet I still want to know more and do more. I’m grateful for the author’s words and aim to put many of the things she talks about into practice.

There is no need to count the enemy when you have a revelation of who fights with you! ~Lisa Bevere, Girls with Swords


About the AuthorLisa Bevere

Lisa Bevere’s authentic, passionate, and hilarious approach weaves profound biblical truths with practical application. Her books—which include Fight Like a Girl, Lioness Arising, and Girls with Swords—are in the hands of millions worldwide. Lisa and her husband, John, are best-selling authors and the founders of Messenger International. She is a grandmother and Sicilian mother of four sons.

DISCLOSURE: I purchased this book for the purposes of reading with my small group. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced by the author or publisher. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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