Grief, pain, suffering. These are the waters I dipped my toe in, not sure I wanted to go deeper.Often, when I start a new book project, I must do some research. Even in my Embers series that’s based on the town where I live, I needed to understand the mindset of my main character, what she does in her daily work, and what fire dangers surround me that I’m oblivious to. Truthfully, it was fascinating and fun to dive into her world.

But God gave me the idea for a new nonfiction that had me digging in very different waters. Grief, pain, suffering. These are the waters I dipped my toe in, not sure I wanted to go deeper. Yet the book concept would not let me go, so I began my search for books on the topic. That’s where I found Sheila Walsh’s book God Loves Broken People: And Those Who Pretend They’re Not.

We like the idea of a Savior-made potion powerful enough to mend our shattered, broken hearts. But we despise the brokenness itself. ~Sheila Walsh, God Loves Broken People

God Loves Broken People: Description from Amazon

God loves broken people. And when weary, wounded men and women find a way to open their bruised hearts and somehow welcome Him into their personal darkness, they will find a love beyond anything they have ever known.

God Loves Broken PeopleWhen the glass house Sheila had lived in for so many years came crashing to the ground, she began a new life outside the safety of those walls. No, it didn’t feel good, nor safe—not at all. But it felt true. Sheila saw herself as a broken lamb limping after the Shepherd, not knowing where He was going, but knowing that wherever He went, she wanted to go with Him.

In twelve stirring, insightful, and deeply revealing chapters, Sheila Walsh shows how personal brokenness can open doors of intimacy with Jesus Christ that might never open in any other way.

It’s not that God loves broken people more than those who imagine themselves to be whole—it’s simply that they know they are loved. They dare to believe it . . . and through such trust, a new wholeness emerges from yesterday’s broken pieces.

My Thoughts about the Book

I believe that when we weep, God catches every tear. I believe that no pain is wasted, and that even out of the greatest tragedies, God has promised He will bring good. ~Sheila Walsh, God Loves Broken People

C.S. Lewis once wrote, “You never know how much you really believe anything until its truth or falsehood becomes a matter of life and death to you.” No one wants the gift of pain and tragedy, yet that’s often what God allows in our lives.

With tremendous grace and quite a bit of transparency, Sheila Walsh shares what all of us need to hear, even if we find it uncomfortable or unwanted: “Brokenness is a gift.” Then she spends the rest of the book walking its readers through the painful process of coming to grips with that truth and dealing with people who say things that hurt more than help.

She asks the tough questions that most of us who have walked through times of suffering have asked: Do you care, God? Why don’t you stop this or fix this? How can You really love me, God, and allow this? And she asks perhaps two of the most difficult questions that the reader—that all of us—should wrestle with:

  1. “I’ve asked God, “Father, do You orchestrate the breaking of our lives, or just invite us to bring all the pieces to You?” Thinking about my question has led Sheila doesn't provide a lot of answers to questions that truly have no answer this side of heaven.to another: Does it matter? Would we relate to God any differently depending on His answer?”
  2. “Will you still love a God you don’t understand?”

Sheila doesn’t provide a lot of answers to questions that truly have no answer this side of heaven. Yet she writes with tremendous love, pouring grace upon grace out as her words reach out to hug the reader and encourage them that God cares. God sees. And God loves.

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The Bottom Line – 5 stars

Reading this book felt like I was sitting with a cherished mentor on the couch, as she gently folded me in her arms and whispered truths from the Bible. Sheila teaches with great love and care, not wanting to inflict further pain but wanting us to see the beauty that the Great Physician has for us, even though tragedy forever mars us. This is a wonderful resource for all those touched by pain.

Just as Toto tore away the drape revealing the Great Oz as nothing more than a scared little man, many of us feel disturbed when tragedy tears away the veneer of a comfortable faith. But it seems to me that when that drape disappears, we discover, unlike Dorothy and her traveling companions, that behind our pretty picture of a comfortable God roars a Lion whose fierce love burns with more intensity and magnificence than anything we ever could imagine. ~Sheila Walsh, God Loves Broken People


About the Author

Sheila WalshSheila Walsh is an author, speaker and Bible teacher who has sold over 4 million books. Her heart is to show what happens when your real life meets the Word of God. She is the author of the #1 best-selling line of Christian books for little girls, “Gigi, God’s Little Princess.” Sheila is the creator of Children of Faith and the Gnoo Zoo, a ministry to children that communicates God’s love for them. She is the author of several books for women including “Honestly,” “Gifts for Your Soul,” “Living Fearlessly,” and “The Best Devotions of Sheila Walsh”, “The Shelter of God’s Promises” and her latest book, “God Loves Broken People and those who pretend they’re not.” As an accomplished musician, Sheila has recently released the CD “Beauty From Ashes.” Sheila, her husband, Barry and their son, Christian live in Dallas, Texas.

DISCLOSURE: I purchased this book for myself. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced by the author or publisher. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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