I am a writer.

Okay, I know you know that. But what you may not realize is that I don’t just write books. For each book I write, both fiction and nonfiction, I strive to provide you three to five freebies to go along with it.

Yes, Freebies. Absolutely, 100% free. Available for anyone and everyone on my website even if you never, ever buy a single book by me. Open for you to share and download and share some more.

And if you haven’t stopped by the website in a while, you may not realize all the new stuff that’s available! Here are just a few of my newest freebies.

New Fiction Freebies from Carrie

A Dream Come TrueFree Stories from Carrie

In case you didn’t know, you can claim TWO free stories from Carrie and grab a chance EVERY MONTH for another!

A Dream Come True is a short story available as a downloadable PDF on my website, and as an eBook through Kindle, Kobo, and Apple Books.

Right now, you can receive More Than Meets the Eye for FREE just for signing up for ANY of my newsletters. You can determine how often you want to hear from me—from the weekly blog posts to monthly giveaways to the occasional new release.

And, each month I feature a giveaway of a great eBook by an author I enjoy.

From the Sacred Trust series.

Does gasoline go bad? How do you best store it, and how do you safely get it out of clothes? Gasoline and its fumes are highly flammable, so this is great information to know!

Purely for fun: Invisible Ink! Yes, this really does relate to the book, but it’s also a lot of fun. I spent about an hour one day just playing with different kinds of homemade invisible inks. And you can too—with what you probably already have in your kitchen!

New Nonfiction Freebies from Carrie

Just for Writers!

Creative Writing for TeensOne of the goals God gave me: encourage other writers! I do this in many ways, but I’ve taken some of my most frequently asked for or given advice into one convenient page you can access anytime.

  • A creative writing course for teens. Use it for homeschool credit or just to teach them more about fiction writing.
  • Publishing Options: Should you go for one of the Big 5, a small press, or self-publish? Learn more of my experience and what you most need to know.
  • Reading Lists! Oh, boy! Good writers are good readers. Great writers are great readers—in their genre, in related genres, and about the full publishing business. I’ve compiled the list of books I’ve read on writing, marketing, and the business side of writing, and you need to seriously consider reading many of these books for yourself. Note: These lists will be updated a couple of times per year as I continue to read.

From I’ve Got Jesus … Now What?

The Spiritual Birth Certificate from the front of the book is now available online so you can print as many copies as you would like.

Do you know how to share your faith clearly with others? What Bible verses help to do this? A Journey in FAITH is my favorite method.


Many more freebies are available on my website, so take a little time and check it out! They are divided neatly between my fiction and nonfiction books, so you don’t have to wade through all of it if you only read one or the other. And, they are separated into groups by series, making it easy to find character lists, book club discussion guides and related short stories.

AND . . . if you ever think of something you would like me to offer, please let me know! I’m always looking for good ideas, and I might just tell you, “Yes!”


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